Tips for choosing the best color for your roof

Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Kravelv

Your roof’s prestige depends on the overall appeal of your house. Before painting your roof keep this in mind that whether it matches the style of your house. The color may play a vital role in different parts of a day. There are many things that need to be considered before painting your roof. A black roof might give a classy look, but it is not ideal for places with extremely hot weather. Your house’s appearance depends a lot upon the roof color, the complete style changes. Not to forget that style is secondary, but the roof color should be on priority as it will be safeguarding you in harsh weathers.

Following are the things you should consider before painting your roof.

  1. Climate:

Your energy bills are dependent on the climate, wonder how? Dark color roofs like black absorbs heat and makes your house temperature heat up boosting the need of air conditioners, which will affect your electricity bills. The study shows that light color roofs are heat reflector and brings down the temperature of your attic by 60%.

This doesn’t mean roofs with darker colors are useless, places with extremely cold climate throughout the year paint dark colors on their roof. Dark colors on the roof keeps the house warm in cold and helps to melt the snow as well.

  1. Matching with house’s elements:

Remember, you want a roof not a rainbow on your head. Don’t just go all over the roof’s color because you admire it. See if the roof color you are choosing will match other elements of the house like bricks, doors, windows etc. There are many shades you can play with, like a brown colored house will go well with a cream color roof. Moreover, colors like green, yellow and red has the flexibility to choose the roofing color.

  1. Consider your priorities:

Play around with natural colors like brown, cream, tans, grey, blue etc. These colors have a good resale value. Choosing a roof with fancy colors like red, yellow or green can devalue your house, when you are planning to sell it. Simple color stays in fashion no matter what era is it? Get a professional roof consultant if you want something trendy and want to blend in different colors. Dark contrast colors highlight the features of your house, while the light contrast colors hide the defect of your house and roof.

  1. Have a look around the neighborhood:

If you don’t know there are certain rules of neighborhood make sure your roofing color doesn’t bother them according to the rules given. Try not to copy their roof color as it will merge together and won’t look appealing. Look for the houses around the area with same architectural structure and color as yours to get any idea how you can work with different contrast.

  1. Roofing materials:

There are many roofing materials which come in different colors. Like clay tiles are usually of red color, but now there are many colors available in it. Slate can be found in thin natural layer, but it’s quite expensive and the colors available are limited. However, metal roofing can be used to give your roof a different look. Now a days these metal roofs are available in designs of wood, shingles, and tiles, if you happened to live in Michigan then you can always asked expert roofers in downriver michigan for advice.

These were some of the useful points to be noted before painting a roof. There is one more thing to add here, colors have a huge impact on the size of your house. The dark color roof will make your house look smaller and light color will make it look big. But again, you have the option to play with contrasts.

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