Prepare Your DIY Home Improvements for Energy-Efficiency

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At some point, every home needs refreshing or updating. You renovate to perk things up, especially if you want to accommodate current needs and lifestyle.

In today’s environment, if you plan to reinvigorate the home, it’s a good idea to consider eco-friendly ways to get the job done. Sustainable renovations have benefits that go beyond minimizing impact on our ecosystems. They also ensure you use the latest and safest techniques in construction and long term home care. But if the latest does not work for you, you can always look up for consignment shops near me.

Deconstruction, Not Demolition

Before tearing out rooms and knocking out walls, consider what’s sound for re-use. Light fixtures, flooring, cabinets, bricks, tile, toilets, moulding, almost anything can be repurposed. This will save you money and the need for new materials.


Utilize Reclaimed Materials

The idea of having the newest, shiniest, high end – expensive! – materials are no longer at the top of any architect, landscaper or contractor’s list. People are making environmentally sound choices like reclaimed wood and recycled steel building. Reclaimed materials will save on money, time and energy that would go into producing new products.

Look into Pre-Owned Materials

Organizations like Habitat for Humanity can save you thousands of dollars on even high end products and materials. Cabinets are often the most expensive part of a renovation, but it’s not unusual to find extremely high quality sets in excellent condition in a consignment shop. It might be worth your while to make a list of what you’d like and go the pre-owned route before hitting the conventional retail market.

Don’t Toss, Recycle


Wood, steel, clothes, even a chandelier doesn’t have to be tossed. Call up Goodwill, the Salvation Army or a local organization and see who is willing to take what. Check for a local Habitat for Humanity in your area. You may know someone more than willing to take an old entertainment centre off your hands. There is no truer way to designing an environmentally friendly project than ensuring you’re not merely dumping into landfills.

Energy Efficiency

When selecting new appliances, look for the Energy STAR logo and compare ratings. Large appliances that generate heat or cold – dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens – can add significantly to utility bills. This can be cost prohibitive. Learning about STAR can save you a great deal over the years.

Re-face, Not Replace

Unless your cabinets are falling off the walls or rotting, you can potentially save tens of thousands by simply repainting or refacing your cabinets. Putting in frosted glass, adding new lining and changing the knobs can give all your cabinets a fresh look.

Low Voc Paints


Low voc paints are engineered to release low levels of toxins into the air even years after their application. Almost odourless, splatter resistant and 100% acrylic, low voc paints are also self-priming, meaning its use will require less work. You are, of course, going to pay a little more, but if you’re looking to minimize production and impact on ecosystems, low voc paints are the way to go. Look for the “Green to Promise” designation.

Go with Solid Insulation

A high-quality insulation now will save you in the long term. The more you’re willing to put into insulation, the greater protection against outdoor elements and the less you’ll end up spending to manage the indoor environment. Keep your rooms cooler during the steamy summers and warmer on the coldest winter nights. With better control of that thermostat, your utility bills will be more manageable.

Take Advantage of the Sun

With its technological advancements and its growing affordability, solar energy is becoming a part of many renovations. Solar panels and skylights can keep energy costs low and impact the way you heat the home. Depending on the installation, you can do many things, including heat or supplement heating, and run appliances.

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Check Out Local Antique Shops and Salvage Yards

Salvage and junk yards, consignments and antique shops, these are great places to find treasures. You might come across a mantel or light fixtures, doorknobs or a claw foot bathtub. You will be surprised at what you could find that’ll add charm to your home. And we are talking about a charm that will never be matched by new products.

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