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Living Room Design Guide

The living room has central role in every household. Whether you want to curl up with a good book and a blanket on the sofa or you are spending time with your loved ones, this is the place you will end up. A great living room will reflect both your personal style and some specific functions.  It doesn’t matter if you prefer modern or conventional look, these tips will help you design any living room.

Getting Started

Before putting your grand design into work, consider the following issues.  How are you going to use this room? Think about the tasks it will serve. Don’t forget about the regular cleaning and maintenance. Take time to examine the architecture of your place. By following the natural circulation of the space, you can shop for products that complement the perks of your room. Pay attention to dead corners and the way you can potentially utilize them.

Identify Your Needs

Are you renovating or designing a living room from scratch? In the first case, decide whether you want to toss everything or you simply want to eliminate the things that don’t work. When cleaning the clutter consider the value of the items both emotional and monetary. On the other hand, working on a blank space, gives you more freedom, but it’s also more overwhelming.

Find Your Style

Your lifestyle should be your guide. Don’t simply copy the design from a magazine or the internet. You can get inspired, though. The secret is to adapt these ideas to your own way of living. You have a busy schedule and don’t have enough time for deep cleaning? Minimalism is just for you. Or maybe you like rich and eclectic designs filled with little treasures and memories or you like a homey atmosphere. Do some research or consult with a pro.

Living Room Geometry

Don’t worry; you don’t need master’s in math to figure it out. We’re talking basics here. These elements are the key to the perfectly balanced living room.

Mind Your Floor Plan

You need to act smart when designing your floor plan. This step will have huge impact on the way you will arrange your furniture later. Develop different strategies to make or improve the traffic flow.


Creating a wish list will cost you absolutely nothing. So do it! You also need to define a budget. Try to be realistic and set your priorities wisely. When you decide how much you will spend on each component, jut stick to your plan.


The appearance matters, but you should take in to account the size of your living room. For smaller spaces get fewer but larger pieces. If you have a spacious a room you can fill it with different types of furniture and arrange them in a dynamic way.


Don’t dismiss this important decorating tool. The lightening has strong influence on the way a room looks and feels. Try to incorporate all three types of light – general, ambient and task. The different sources will provide you with the proper light for any kind of activities. From a design point of you, it will create that warm and cosy glowing, typical for any living room. For more house cleaning ideas: reputable domestic cleaning firm.

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