6 Cool Barbecue Party Ideas

Last Updated on February 16, 2022 by Kravelv

Its summer time again and you want your friends and love ones to gather for some barbecue party. Making it special and easy is simple with the tips below.

Food on Wheels

Do you want your foods to be uniquely served?! Put your courses on carts such as utility carts or garden carts. Make sure it is cleaned and have some cloth to make it more presentable. Why use carts?! Aside from being unique, you can easily move the foods around. This is also a contingency plan in case there is sudden summer showers.

Fruity Ice Cubes

fruity ice cube

Tired of the boring, common ice cube on your drinks. Try something cool! Get a slice of your favorite fruits, you can use strawberries, cherries, lemon, raspberries, etc… and freeze them in your ice cubes. Serve it with your favorite drinks and prepare yourself for some praises from your friends.

Light it up with Candles

If you are the romantic type, candles are your thing. If you are in a bug prone area you will need citronella candles. But the main issue with candles are they tend to be messy at times due to the dripping wax or the risk of it to tumble down and get your table cloth on fire. The best way to deal with these are by using battery operated candles. These candles comes in various sizes, from tea lights to pillars. Using them in centerpieces will surely give your party a special glow.

Your Own Signature Drinks

Say no to conventional liquors and mixes that you always have on parties. Instead create one or two signature drinks that you will serve for your guests. The cool thing about this is you can save some cash and can even name the drinks after you or others. You can also name it to the event you are having, that way your guests will surely remember your party. You can ask the help of the internet for creating great mixes.

Kiddie Pool

kiddie pool with drinks

We all know that it is inevitable that your kids will want to go with you especially if they know that it is a barbecue party. And for that, buy a kiddie pool! But, it isn’t for swimming purposes. Instead fill the pool with ice and old-fashioned drinks or beverages for your little ones. They will surely love it since they can just pick out whatever drinks they want. This is also showing the kids of the new generation on how fun is your childhood.

Fire Pits

Since the setting is outdoor, it will get chilly during nighttime. Exchanging life stories around the pit with your graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolates is surely an enjoyable one. Just don’t forget to have some bucket of water nearby to put off the flames if it goes out of control.

Summer activities doesn’t always need to be traveling, going to beaches, visiting popular destinations or staying on some posh holiday homes or RV’s. You can have a great summer activity in the comfort of your own backyard. You just need to be creative and resourceful.

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