Life Aquatic in Your Very Home

Last Updated on August 21, 2022 by Kravelv

Imagine standing at the beach and watching dolphins swim. The serenity of that moment is difficult to put into words. Unfortunately, you can’t have that kind of view every day, but you can have the next best thing – a fish tank. Not so long ago, the goldfish was basically the whole of the aquatic world you could have in your home.

Nowadays, fish tanks with kessil lights are built to be parts of your home, pieces of art, with small ecosystems of their own. There are varieties of fish that suit everybody’s taste. True, you can’t take this pet for a walk or cuddle with it, but nevertheless it’s beneficial to your health.

The Stress Reducer

aquatic life in your home2

The fish tank is not only a décor item that you put in your room. It is scientifically proven that an aquarium is a therapeutic tool that can solve a lot of health issues. You don’t have to put a large aquarium in your home; having just a few fish to watch after work will help you reduce stress.

Watch your fish swim, eat or play, and you’ll decrease your anxiety level almost as if you have undergone hypnosis. A small fish tank or aquarium in your bedroom can help you sleep better; it even helps with severe insomnia, in addition to other health benefits.

Cold or Heated Water

Taking care of fish, as with any other pet, requires a certain amount of knowledge and dedication. Buying a fish and putting it in an empty jar is probably not the best idea for animal welfare. Cold water freshwater aquarium is the most common kind that people seem to like and have. This kind of aquarium keeps the water at room temperature. Filtration system and light will make sure that your fish stays healthy.

The most popular species of fish for cold water aquariums are, amongst others, the Gold Fish, the Bloodfin Tetras, and the White Cloud. The Bloodfin Tetras is a kind of fish that likes to live in a group, so you can enjoy looking at them simultaneously swimming about. On the other hand, the heated freshwater aquarium gives you an opportunity to have more varieties of fish. Some of the most attractive species of fish for the heated aquarium are The Black Molly, The Black Skirt Tetra, Swordtails etc. Decide which option you prefer and then start making an aquatic oasis in your home.

The Art of Aquarium

The fish tanks come in all shapes and sizes. It can be the whole wall in your house, a medium size tank in the living room or a small aquarium in the bedroom. Big or small an aquarium can’t be just water and fish it needs some required fish tank accessories.  To mimic the fish’s natural habitat, it’s best to choose natural – colored sand. Remember in old days when all aquariums were the same? Those were all decorated uniformly – a sunken pirate ship, a treasure chest, a skull or plastic palm trees? This kind of decoration had nothing unique or personal to show in your home.

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Now, times have changed and you can make your fish tank that suits your personal taste. Don’t put plastic flowers or Lego pirates in the aquarium, put some live plants. They produce oxygen and help the water quality and they are much safer for the fish. The plastic ones can have sharp edges and look quite distasteful. Choose colors that exist in nature – red, green or blue not fluorescent pink. So you have a choice between a fish tank that looks like sand and stone bed or an underwater garden. If you prefer the garden look, chose the fish that won’t eat your plants.

So, you have chosen the fish tank size and shape, you have found the design and you filled it with the fishes. Now you can sit comfortably in your favorite chair and start the anti- stress therapy by gazing in your aquarium. But, please, don’t forget to feed the fish.

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