7 Quick Tips Regarding Bedroom Storage

Last Updated on March 8, 2022 by Kravelv

The master’s bedroom is a place of serenity and relaxation.  Whether you have big bedroom located in Davao or a small bedroom is some of the Manila properties, the bedroom is a personal haven. For just about anyone, it is the best place to retire after a long day and get a restful sleep. However, this can be especially difficult if you have your slumber amidst a plethora of clutter (stacks of laundry, piles of shoes, etc.). Unfortunately, though, clutter is a reality and though a small master’s bedroom may be hard to work around with, eliminating clutter and managing storage space is something you can manage. All it would need is a few handy tips, some creative and ingenious storage ideas and finally time to rearrange and organize your bedroom and you are all set.

1.)    Maximize space by using the space under your bed

Though the idea is frowned upon by feng shui experts, stuffing things under your bed is one of the smartest and easiest ways to have an extra area of storage to your bedroom. It is also important to note that the space underneath your bed does not serve any purpose so you might as well turn it into a makeshift storage space. If your bed does not currently have any storage options, the simple addition of storage containers beneath it will do the trick. Cover them with bed skirts and conceal your nifty storage room.


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2.)    Organize and maximize closet space

Most of the time, a big and bulky wardrobe is the reason why there would be limited space in the bedroom. So, before swapping out your existing closet for a bigger and bulkier one, make sure to maximize your current one into its full capacity. Take the time to properly store your clothes you have in your dresser right now and purge your closet from unnecessary items and clothing such as apparel that no longer fit.

3.)    Opt for an open storage

If your bedroom is incredibly small, it is probably best if you opted for open storages. Apart from making your bedroom a lot more pleasant to look at, it takes away that stuffy feel of having too many containers and storages in one room. Place some items such as books and others on display by looking for spaces on the wall where you can add a shelf or on top of your bookcases.

4.)    Make use of the unused space in your closet

When you are running out of space or are living in a tiny room, it would be imperative to use every square inch of your closet’s storage space. Be creative and think of ways where you can place more things inside your closet other than your shoes, bags and clothes. It may have enough space for things such as fashion accessories. Make use of the cabinet doors by attaching door hangers and the like.

5.)    Use your walls

If there is not enough space in your room, then you should start storing your extra items by utilizing the areas on the upper part of your bedroom. Maximize space by using the area on top of your cabinets and closets and even closed cupboards. However, be mindful not to use up all of the space or your room will have a stifling atmosphere.

6.)    Use double duty furniture in your bedroom

Opt for functionality rather than design when you are looking for furniture in your bedroom. Your bedside table should not only function as a table but double as a storage space as well by having drawers beneath it. Before buying anything, try to fit in some storage options in a spot as much as you can.

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7.)    Use vertical storage for jewelry and accessories

If you have a lot of jewelry and accessories, place them on hooks or on a hanging storage on the wall. To give it a quirky twist, make use of decorative hangers. However, if hanging too many of your accessories on your walls may seem like an overwhelming idea to you, use ground storage by utilizing a tall and slim armoire.

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