Top 9 Facts Favoring Natural Stones – An Efficient Driveway Material

Last Updated on March 30, 2022 by Kravelv

Driveways, a way constructed at every place either it is a commercial, residential or industrial place. Different areas have different significance behind laying a drive path.    In the residential sector, its role is just like a greeting carpet leading from the main entrance to the home parking or garages. Most of the time people use it for washing & repair of automobiles. The width of the path depends upon the presence of conveyance in a house.

In commercial areas like shopping malls, office complexes or streets, driveway apron constructs for smooth passage of medium to heavy wheelers. It has its importance in the industrial units also. Let’s take an example of the automobile/ automotive industries. Manufacturing department of these sectors often has to make test drives of the vehicles to examine their overall mechanism.


As a drive path is the vital part of each sector, so the selection of its material will also be made carefully. Natural stone is the best material ever used for laying a drive path and Stone universe Inc is its wholesale distributor . There are endless reasons that favor native rocks, but we discuss the top 9 facts in this regard.

1.    Old World Look: Go With the Trend and Amaze the Viewers

A fusion of retro and modern look for a construction project is the taste of 21st century. Hope you all agree with it! Tough driveways are the focal point of any place. It must be attractive enough to gather the attention. Material for the interior portion of a place is a secondary concern because the guests or neighbors when stepping into the house make predictions by looking on the entryway. Then why give them a chance to predict wrong?  Being a part of nature, these stones impart an old world look to the way on which you are going to drive. Not only this, but it also adds value to the property.

2.    Product Options: Perfect to Accent a Way

One can have a couple of beautiful options for laying a natural stone driveway, i.e., Pavers and Cobblestones. Pavers are the square, rectangular or dimensional pieces suitable for ground paving. These are smooth in texture. Cobblestones are the small pieces of granite having an irregular width, depth and rough in texture.

3.    Color Collections: Natural Colors Complements Your Surroundings

Color is one of the variants that play a prominent role in making a place good or bad. It was the earliest time when only black was the option of laying a drive path. But now natural stones turn the tables. Antique black, antique brown, black, gold and grey are the color options available that complements your surroundings on its own. Being extracted from the quarries of nature, these shades shows natural variations.

4.    Green Attribute: Contribute To The Environment

According to a recent survey, 91% of the people prefer usage of the fuel-consuming vehicle for going here and there on a daily basis. Uncountable trees cut down every year, but they are not growing in the same phase. Imagine! How worse effect it puts on the environment. By using natural stone at least, you can contribute a little towards the environment. It prevents soil erosion as it is a nature’s material. Unlike other stones, synthetic ingredients are not present in it.

5.    Prevents  from Slipping & Collapsing: Be Safe and Keep Safe

Driveways always demand a material which is resistant to slips and falls. Natural stones examine the various parameters in the stone test labs for checking its gripping quality. As a result, these stones came out clean and are highly slip-resistant. They can soak water faster, and no moisture or humidity on the path left behind. So, these are most suitable material for laying a passage.

6.    High Compressive Strength: Leads to High Durability

It is not feasible to change driveway material again and again. So, to avoid that situation compressive strength is measured. It is the strength that shows the capability of a material to sustain weathering, climatic conditions, pressure or freeze-thaw cycles. Always prefer the material with high compressive strength, such as a natural material. Hence, it leads to high durability and a drive path which will last for a long span.

7.    Low Flexural Strength: Makes Surface Hard & Stiff

Flexural strength tests in the lab to know the bending frequency of a material. Driveways have to bear the load of heavy vehicles and consistently expose to the wheel marks. There are more chances of its deterioration as well as compare to regular walking pavement surfaces. Natural stones are one that does not bend and can tolerate more massive load. These are hard and stiff that even heavy traffic cannot affect it.

8.    Limitless Patterns: Highlight Themes as per Desire

Patterns on the Drive Path? Yes…. It can happen, but only with nature’s stone. For example: In the UK most of the commercial street built using cobbles and pavers instead of asphalt. These are so flexible and easy to adjust that one can develop various patterns highlighting the themes and gives an extraordinary appeal to the bottom surface. You can form small circles in a big circle or can go for Mediterranean or contemporary themes. So, don’t wait and provides a seamless finish with the patterns.

9.    Ease of Installation & Maintenance: Do not compromise your comfort

These stones are user-friendly when it comes to the installation, especially those natural stones which are cut to size. All you need to do is hire a good contractor. These are as simple to maintain as they are easy to install. Neither they are not going to fade in the sunlight nor discard with the heavy load. Say no to acid cleaners. Just wiping out the dust regularly with water helps in maintaining its original look and feel. Various sealers are also available in the market to keep their color glossy.

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