Knick-Knacks for a Warmer Kitchen


Every woman knows that home decoration is not as simple a task as everyone else thinks. Every detail has to be carefully chosen if you really want to give your home the desired “feel”, that nameless something that distinguishes a house from a home. A large and spacious kitchen is most certainly every woman’s dream, which is why it has to be decorated with love. Here are some crucial tips on how to create a warm atmosphere in your favorite room in the house.

Wall Colors

Choose a tone that will appeal to all your senses. Orange, red and yellow are warm colors that will definitely create a cozy atmosphere in your kitchen. These shades are indeed striking and bold, which is why you should make a balance and match them with curtains and tablecloths in neutral, calming colors. This kind of contrast will have a soothing effect on your eyes.
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Kitchen Cabinets

The most common material in kitchen cabinetry is definitely wood, and it contributes to creating a warm atmosphere in the best possible way. Whether it is maple, oak or cherry – you won’t make a mistake. Custom-made cabinets are probably the best choice, because your creative freedom is emphasized in that way. Of course, if your kitchen is as small as mine, you won’t have another choice, either. However, no matter what you decide, just make sure that these are roomy enough, so that all of your dishes and appliances can be properly stored.


Hang your favorite photos and children’s drawings on the walls to create a warm atmosphere in your kitchen. Put some freshly picked roses from your garden in a vase, and place them in the middle of the dining table, right beside your favorite vintage figurines. Choose a carpet that matches the color of your walls, so that everything follows the same design. Also, make sure that all the dishes are neatly stacked, in order to avoid a chaotic appearance.

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Apart from the cabinets, here is another essential element for every kitchen: invest your money in high-quality kitchenware and prepare your meals with pleasure. Nonstick roasting pans, cooking pots of different shapes and sizes, colanders, mixing bowls, cutting boards, and woks – all of these will make your life easier and your cooking much faster and more efficient. Choose quality over quantity – buy essentials instead of getting a bunch of useless appliances that will make a mess in your kitchen.

Lighting and the View

Open all the windows and let the natural light in. Curtains made of see-through fabrics in neutral colors will let the morning sunlight flood into your kitchen, which will in turn make you feel at peace. Install a rustic chandelier that matches the color of your walls and pair it up with vintage lamps in the same style. Place several scented candles at the counter top and enjoy the lovely smell of freshly baked cookies or apple pie. Unfortunately, urban areas usually cannot offer a breathtaking view from your window, but you can surely make yourself a piece of heaven. Just place a flowerpot or two on your windowsill and they will do the trick.

knick-knacks for a warmer kitchen2

As you can see, there are plenty of details that can significantly improve the overall atmosphere in your kitchen. Every element of decoration is equally important, starting from the color of your walls and ending with retro knick-knacks that add a touch of vintage glamour to your favorite room in the house. These will make you feel relaxed and comfortable while preparing meals for your family, and you will surely perceive cooking as fun rather than an obligation.

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