Keep your Home and Office safe with the highest quality Security Shutters

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A simple door or window can be easily broken into. Good quality security shutters effectively protect your home or office against the peeping toms and thieves and vandalism. Roller shutters usually form the highest quality security shutters. Security grills and accordion style shutters are also used as security shutters. These shutters can be made of steel, aluminum, wood or PVC as per the requirement. These shutters can be easily installed and then the colors can be chosen to match your interiors or the façade of the building. Security shutters can be installed on your home’s windows or doors and are effective protection forms break-ins.

Door or window shutters perform the following functions:

  • Provides privacy
  • Provides protection from noise
  • Limits the sunlight entering the room during summers
  • Protect your indoor furniture, carpets etc. from fading under strong summer sun
  • Protection against break ins

security shutters

These shutters can also be insulated to prevent any noise from travelling in or outside the home and also prevent loss of heat or cool air, thus reducing your energy bills. Shutters can be either manually operated or motor operated. You can pull down a shutter or roll it up from the press of a button on the wall. Nowadays, even remote operated shutters are also available and you can open and close any shutter from anywhere in the home. There is no need to walk down to the door to pull down the shutter. The shutter can also be opened to the desired height.

Highest quality security shutters are also installed in offices or commercial spaces such as kiosks, shops, malls etc. These can be manually operated or if the size is large, these can be automated. Security shutters can be perforated allowing a limited view from inside or non-perforated, made of durable steel or PVC. Perforations allow some light to enter the room and it can also allow law enforcement officers to peep in from outside to check if everything is ok. This perforated style is extensively used in commercial places such as food stalls, kiosks, vending machines, shops etc.

window roller shutters

Better than traditional alarms

Security shutters are better and cost effective when compared to the traditional home or office alarm systems. These alarm systems often get activated after the thief or burglar has entered your premises and by the time someone wakes up or calls the police, the home has already been broken in and the thief or robber may still make away with some things. Security shutters are a visible and physical barrier for the thief or burglar and highest quality security shutters cannot be broken into. Commercial security shutters can also be hand operated or automated. You only have to press a button the wall and the small motors installed on the shutters do the job of pulling up or down the shutter. Remote controlled options can also be looked into. To provide even greater security, locking mechanisms can be provided. A lock and key arrangement can be provided on the interior or exterior with water proof enclosures. Side bolt locks can also be provided on the middle slat or the bottom slat which will have to be removed manually from the inside or outside as per the requirements.

Invest in the highest quality security shutter and rest assured that your valuables are in your home, office or shops are safe. Give them additional protection by installing suitable locking mechanism. The present times necessitate a security shutter for your home or commercial space and are no longer considered a luxury.


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