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Is Dome Housing Worth it?

To say the least, dome homes are unconventional. Looking at this eccentric home, one can effortlessly figure out the reason for its popularity today. It contains several advantages, including energy-efficient, durable, and provides natural lights.

However, apart from its advantages, one has to consider a lot of things for purchasing this type of home. From one-room glamping-style holiday houses to multi-story family homes, a person has a lot of options to choose from. But is it worth the investment?

Let’s find it by moving further into the blog.

What is Dome Housing?

Dome homes are just like regular houses with windows and doors. However, the unique personality of this house is that it is made in the shape of a sphere or a spherical ellipsoid. Also, it is made using a shell framework.

These types of houses are roomier than regular ones. It is because they enclose more volume under less surface area. This means that constructing this house build requires fewer building materials, which affects internal air temperature. Also, because of this solid shape, the house is resistant to wind. It can even fight heavy snow and tall trees, which means that these homes are considered suitable for areas experiencing intense storms.

Types of Dome Housing

The different types of dome homes are as follows:

Geodesic Dome Homes

This type of dome house is in the shape of polyhedrons. It means that all the portion of the outside face is a system of interconnected triangles. Although these houses are relatively sturdy, it tends to get weak at one of the many joints in the shell.

Monolithic Dome Homes

The structure of this type of dome is made with a single thick layer of concrete and other materials. This makes their exterior slightly reform, but the interior of the house shows a great personality. Overall, this house is consistent and airtight.

Advantages of Dome Housing

The advantages of dome homes are as follows:

Supports a Healthy Planet

Dome houses are considered appropriate for people who not only support a healthy planet but also prefer a clean way of living. Its free-standing personality makes the air, energy, and light circulate without obstruction. This way, there will be natural heating and cooling throughout the year. When compared to regular homes, dome houses incur 30 percent less surface area. Moreover, it only uses a quarter of the needed building material and remains five times stronger than usual houses.


Dome houses, like geodesic, support effective air circulation and insulate effectively, thereby keeping the indoor temperature even. Generally, they are more efficient with the use of energy. And since sunlight is reflected inside the dome, it decreases the use and need for lighting, which makes them good for the planet. 


For people who opt for the flood-prone area, a dome house are the best option. It is virtually indestructible when faced with extreme weather conditions.

Highly Affordable

These types of houses provide homeowners an exclusive opportunity to enjoy a glamorous lifestyle free of any mortgage and permits. It is also much cheaper than traditional houses. It is because it requires minimal building materials, which reduces construction costs significantly. It requires little investment and upkeep, though. It eliminates the inconvenience of roof repairs, wood rot, termination damage, and other annoyances.

Live Anywhere

Dome houses give freedom to assemble and install them anywhere around the world. Whether people are looking for full-time residency or temporary spots for a memorable camping getaway, they have a unique ability to connect directly with nature.

Disadvantages of Dome Housing

The disadvantages of dome housing are as follows:


Keeping its advantages into consideration, people can opt for dome houses. Their resilient structure makes them less susceptible to breakage and needs maintenance. They also endure continuous wear and tear for a lifetime. Hence, purchasing a dome house is completely worth it.

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