The Best Type of Replacement Window for Older Homes

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best type of replacement window

Sure, old houses have a distinct appeal that modern, contemporary houses do not. However, not everything in an old house is to love. One of the things that you should consider discarding are the windows.

Deciding to let go of the windows that undeniably add to the home’s vintage appeal can be a challenge for some, if not most, homeowners. One reason would be the uncertainty when it comes to finding equally beautiful window replacement options. However, holding on to old and damaged windows can just bring more bad than good.

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Why Replace Your Old Windows?

If you own an old home or you just bought one, you are faced with this debate: to restore or to replace your old windows?

Basically, I am here to advocate replacement because of a number of practical reasons:

  • Old, damaged windows can greatly affect your home’s energy-efficiency, leaving you with energy bills higher than you’d like to pay. While replacement can be costly initially, you can realize the return on your investment in the form of energy cost savings.
  • Compromised windows do not only cost you money. Leaky windows can let drafts and moisture in, which can damage your interiors and other belongings such as furniture. Furthermore, moisture can also promote mold and mildew build-up, triggering health issues such as allergies.
  • There are new window models and units that still allow you to get that classic appeal without compromising protection, efficiency, and durability. So why worry about keeping your home’s rustic look?

Factors to Consider When Replacing Your Old Home’s Windows

Replacing old windows in a newer home is one thing — replacing windows in an old home requires more work. Typically, owners decide to replace theirs because of energy efficiency and home protection concerns. But for those with old houses, the decision-making can be harder because there’s the added issue of maintaining the home’s traditional style and appeal.

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But to make things easier for you, I’m giving you the top four factors that you must consider when thinking of replacing an old home’s windows.

  • Type of window – You might have heard this before: not all windows are built the same. If you really want to maximize a window’s energy efficiency and of course, your investment, make it a point to compare the products’ NFRC label values and see if they have an Energy Star rating.
  • Architectural and landscaping considerationsThis is especially important when dealing with an old home. You will need to carefully choose new windows that suit the home’s theme and appeal if not completely mimic the look of the old units. Good news for you, there are new and technologically advanced models that don classic designs such as the products from the Andersen Classic Series. The manufacturer also offers parts under this series, so you won’t have to worry about replacing malfunctioning parts in the years to come.
  • Cost While the most efficient windows on the market are normally the most expensive, you can choose not to burn a hole in your pocket by going for products that have less features, but are still energy efficient . When you decide to purchase less expensive units, just make sure that you perform the recommended maintenance measures in order to maximize their service life.



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