Introduction to Real Estate Lockbox

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The real estate lockbox is a device that could bring convenience to the home sellers. It helps them to allow real estate agents to show their property to prospective buyers. Showing property to prospective buyers when the property owner is away is one of the common obstacles all real estate agents face during their work. However, by using a real estate lockbox, they can save their time and energy.

A real estate lockbox is a box that holds the keys of the property for the agent’s use. It is usually placed in front of the door and protected by a security lock. An agent can open the lockbox and get the access key of the front door and then show his prospective buyers the property, but for accessing the lockbox, he first has to take permission from the seller and get the lockbox security code.

Without the security code or access card, no one can get access to the lockbox. The seller can place the lockbox in the door handle or to any other exterior of the property. If you are interested in it, then you can click here to know more about the professional and best real estate lockbox.

A Brief History of the Lockboxes

The lockbox offers convenience for the real estate agents, and that is why it is an integral aspect of the sale of any property. The property which uses lockbox gets more showing to compare to the properties who do not use them. If there were no lockboxes, then the real estate agents would not have the luxury to show the property to potential buyers when the seller is not present with the property access key.

The lockboxes have evolved with time. In the timeframe of the 1970s, the old lockboxes were very simple. A small silver key accessed them. After then, the combo or contractor lockboxes came to the market. In the combo lock box, if you put the correct combination and then press the button, it would release a manual lever.

However, the electronic lockboxes came to the market in the 1990s. In the electronic lockbox, you have to put a specific code on display and then put a key into its place before you get to the access to that lockbox. When the code and key are synced, the lockbox will release the key from inside.

The Advancement of the Technology

Lockboxes is a security device that advances with the latest technologies. It evolved further and further with the help of digital technologies. A lockbox is more secure to use compared to when it first invented or upgraded in the past. Some of the real estate agents use some special lockbox for their use that operates on the infrared system, and it does not require any physical key for them to use.

Infrared Technology

This latest lockbox has a mechanism that stores the user’s information so that they can use any of it to get access to the lockbox. An agent can use their smartphone that is previously synchronized with that lockbox to gain access. They can even use an electronic display key that will trigger the mechanism of that lockbox.

One Day Lock System

Some other real estate agents use different kinds of lockboxes. Some lockboxes have the feature to provide a one day code that the agent can use on that day whenever he wants to. The agent can use that code to gain access to the lockbox to get the property access key and show the property to any prospective buyers.

Smartphone Application Access

Another type of lockbox has the feature to access it through the smartphone application of that lockbox. It allows the real estate agent to get the key of that lockbox into his or her smartphone and then access the lockbox when it’s needed. This type of lockbox has the system to record these actions that an agent takes.

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