Winter Edition: How to Make Your Backyard Living More Comfortable

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

For some, the exterior areas or backyard of a home provides a central space for entertainment, lounging, and just plain enjoyment. Unfortunately, most roll it up and go in for winter when it begins to get colder outside. If you are one of those begrudging of this forced move from outdoor to indoor, there are still a number of ways to make your backyard living area enjoyable even when its cold out, and most everyone else has gone in for the season. How’s it done? Here are just a few ideas that can go a long way in keeping your outdoor paradise open for the winter season.

Fire Features

For heat purposes and for the perfect entertainment centerpiece, consider some offerings from within the vast world of today’s many fire features. Permanent fixtures can be added to the landscape and hardscape that warm and beautify quite sizable areas. Temporary and portable units can also be employed if permanence is not desired. Fire walls, ceilings, pits, and tableside pieces each offer their own unique qualities.

Other Heat Sources

Aside from fire features, there are many kinds of other heat sources that can keep the whole group warm and cozy on a frigid night. Radiant heat can be installed in patio floor materials, and even some outdoor furniture. Heat lamps can stand over and heat a large area also. Artificial fireplaces can also make for a great awning or patio addition. There are many approaches one can take here.

Warm Seating and Blankets

For comfort’s sake as well as the frozen bottom, solid-surface, outdoor furniture is the farthest seating from ideal that you can get. Unless you’re hosting a meeting of the winter survivalist organization, you will need to incorporate fabric and cushioning into your outdoor patio. If buying more comfortable furniture is not a possibility, consider adding blankets and cushioning of your own to existing seating. Heated blankets are even better.

Engage the Hot Tub

One of the most luxurious ways to enjoy a cold evening outside is by firing up the outdoor hot tub. Towel warmers are also an excellent addition to this awesome scene. If your hot tub is in need of some TLC, contact your local hot tub repair company and get it running. If your hot tub connections to water or electrical lines are the issue, make sure you have a professional on hand. Most repairs in hot tubs are quite affordable and certainly not reason enough to waste this awesome outdoor resource.

Winter seems to come and occupies a significant portion of every year before it goes away until next time. This certainly doesn’t mean you and your family have to run indoors and hide until Spring. The above-mentioned concepts and many others can be used to keep that space inviting and warm, no matter the temperatures outside.

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