Say Yes to Healthy Living by Installing a Water Softener in your Home

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Have you heard that soft water is better for you? Hell yes! But, were you also aware that it’s suitable for your home also?

If not, then enlightening yourself is a must since it works wonders for your home, health, and wallet. Right from protecting your appliance to improving your skin- a water softener can make all the difference in your life. And, to the environment also.

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Can’t wait to know how installing a soft water system in your South Jersey home benefits you? Let’s get going with discovering the benefits of having a water softener for home, health, and wallet. Let’s get going:

Health and Wellness:

Showering in soft water helps in making all the difference on your hair and skin. Hard water’s undissolved minerals leave behind the skin and scalp dry. And, this dryness leads to skin issues and dandruff, which causes psoriasis and eczema.

Moreover, the same residue helps prevent soap from lathering, which may leave stiff clothes after laundry. Thus, installing a water softening system helps you in noticing:

  1. Hair looks shinier and silkier after a shower.
  2. Skin feels softer with lesser irritation and dryness.
  3. The laundry feels smoother and cleaner.

Home Appliances:

Are you noticing limescale buildup around your bathroom and kitchen fixtures? Or, what about those unsightly stains around your sink, toilet bowl, or bathtub? Do you need to rewash your dishes by hand since they have water stains on them when they come out of the dishwasher? Well, these are all a result of hard water.

Many homeowners consider hard water a nuisance towards keeping a cleaner home. The high calcium and magnesium concentrations are a result of mineral deposit buildup. What’s even worse is that these may wear down the water-using appliance, corrode plumbing, and cause unsightly stains around the fixtures.

And, that’s when you need more time, energy, water, and money on cleaning. Fortunately, South Jersey water conditioning services like water softening helps in keeping a cleaner house. Also, your water-appliances last longer as it:

  1. Reduces mineral deposits from accumulating in your dishwasher, washing machine, water heater, and pins.
  2. Minimizes limescale around faucets, kitchen sinks, shower doors, bathroom tiles, and utensils.
  3. Removes rust stains from tubs, sinks, and toilets
  4. Reduces mineral deposits that leave dishes looking streaky and spotty.

Environmental Benefits:

Hard water isn’t just a minor inconvenience. It works in impacting your home’s energy use in addition to the environment. With the accumulation of limescale buildup on the water heaters, plumbing, and boilers, there is an impact on how well the equipment performs over time.

And, when your equipment isn’t running as efficiently as it should, the amount of energy consumption required to do the same job increases. That’s when there is a more significant release of carbon dioxide into the air, contributing to the greenhouse effect. This effect further leads to global warming and smog, the experts suggest.

Thus, household appliances that use soft water help:

  1. Circulating water quickly, which eventually takes up lesser energy
  2. Minimizes the wastage of water.
  3. Reduces the amount of hard water that leaks back into the sewer.

Cost Savings:

You’re sure to witness an increase in costs if you have a house running on hard water. Also, these appliances are hard to use and need more energy for operating.

Furthermore, it would help if you spent more time cleaning the limescale buildup from appliances and fixtures. The amount of soaps and cleaners for getting rid of unsightly residue significantly adds up to the maintenance costs. Thereby, it is just and wise to save money using a water softener system, which:

  1. It keeps your water heater hot, boiler, and other appliances working efficiently and lowers energy costs.
  2. Reduces the buildup of limescale and cleaning supply spending.
  3. Saves money on repairs and maintenance by reducing the buildup of deposits.

The Verdict

Installing a water softener system helps you get better and healthier water for yourself and your loved ones. Also, it helps you in saving time, energy, and money and reduces the limescale buildup in your South Jersey home.

And, an improvement in the overall quality of life is not to mention!

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