5 Tips For Choosing A Propane Hot Water Heater

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Looking for a brand new system for your household? Or, you want to replace one with a propane hot water heater, don’t you? Check the top 5 tips when deciding on the best unit, and overlook the necessity of finding a contractor to both save money and get a professional consultation. Looking ahead, this propane unit is a worthy option when you want an affordable system.

What Is a Propane Hot Water Heater?

If you are determined to choose a propane hot water heater, you are most probably aware of its benefits from the Internet or your neighbors. Although this type of water heater is linked to efficacy, finding a contractor will be a go-choice to get acquainted with its basics. For instance, you should not expect any miracles from such units, as they differ from alternative units only with a source of fuel. It works on propane. Secondly, the propane unit won’t bring inconveniences with getting the fuel, as it is largely produced in the US. Finally, a propane unit is linked to a long lifespan. Unlike other systems, it may serve you for about 10-18 years if regular maintenance is met.

Finding a Contractor or 5 Tips from Professionals on Choosing the Unit

If finding a contractor is not a primary goal for you, overlook basic recommendations when buying propane water heaters. This advice is based on most types of heaters and taken from professionals in this industry.

№1 Type

Here everything depends on the users. It means either you alone require the unit or you represent a medium or large-sized family which regularly needs water. There are two types of heaters – storage or tank, and tankless.

Storage Heater

Such units have an insulated tank where the water is first heated and then transferred to the tank storage until you need it. Propane tanks use less energy, hence, they are cheaper for those buyers who have medium paying capacity.

Tankless Heater

This type of unit does not store any hot water. It works by heating water only when it passes through coils. Compared to the storage type, tankless is even more energy-efficient since it heats water only on demand. On the other side, a propane tankless hot water heater provides a limited flow of hot water, approximately 3.5 gallons/per minute. Finding a contractor for this type of unit will be a good choice since an expert will determine whether your needs for water correspond with this unit capacity.

№2 Available Capacity

Another reason for finding a contractor is to decide on the capacity of a propane instant hot water heater for your case. There are the following capacities of propane heaters:

  • Family of 1- 2 members: 30 gallons
  • Family of 2 – 3 members: 40 gallons
  • Family of 3 – 4 members: 40-50 gallons
  • Family of 5 and more members: 50+ Gallons

If you look for larger capacity, by finding a contractor you may choose the best gallon amount for your particular case.

№3 Space

Space, where you plan to install a unit, should be taken seriously as well. Nowadays, there are two divisions for heaters. First is lowboys or else called short-water heaters. They fit areas with limited space, for example, under cabinets areas. Speaking of their capacity, they are the same potent as larger units. The second type is a tall heater. It fits areas where you have much space, for example, in basements or garages.

№4 Price

By finding a contractor, you definitely get all insights into prices for propane hot water heaters, and occasionally may get to know about available discounts in the market. If speaking of a standard tankless water heater for a medium-sized family, the whole unit may cost around $1,400. Still, more factors should be involved to learn the final price including accessories, space, and capacity.

№5 Consulting a Pro

As was hinted above, finding a contractor is one of the most important factors when choosing a unit. First off, you are guided through all types of units, get a consultation on sites where you should place a heater. Secondly, by finding a contractor, you are aware of all possible obstacles or issues you may come across when using the unit. An expert will inform you about corrosion, energy issues, proper maintenance as well as accessories if you need them or not.

All in all, a propane instant hot water heater is a go-choice for people who look for efficiency and money-saving opportunities. Note, by installing this unit, you may enjoy its potency for over 10 years compared to alternatives that may go faulty within 5 years of service. Beyond that, when finding a contractor, you may also organize regular check-ups with an expert who will overlook the unit and recommend its diagnostic.

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