Which Insects Can Be a Trouble for Your Home Environment?

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Insects may look tiny, but when it comes to intoxicating your home environment, they leave the maximum impact. The challenging part about dealing with insects is they hide in hard-to-reach areas while continuing to damage the home property.

As per a recent study, the researchers from North Carolina State University tried to estimate the overall number of insect species found in the residential areas. The researchers revealed there are more than 579 types of species belonging to more than 304 families. Here are some insights into the same.


There are many regions in the world suffering the worst from household insects. But when it comes to maximum destruction suffered, we can’t stop talking about Van Nuys. It is a neighborhood in the Central San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California witnessing the maximum insect damage.

Review the list of insects that have been identified as significant trouble for households. This list may help you start over the pest control process timely and get rid of such trouble-making aspects.

#1 – Termites

Different species of termites take a toll on your health and household adversely. But when it comes to something that adds to maximum damage, there is no one above dry wood termite. This piece trims and eaves around your home. However, their colonies are smaller than other species like subterranean termites, but they can still prove to be major trouble for your home. If you see termites anywhere around your home, make sure to preserve your home’s bare wood areas the most.

#2 – Mosquitoes

It may interest you to know that there are more than 3000 species of mosquitoes in the world. With this, they become one of the highly infectious insects spreading the maximum number of human diseases. Above all, anophele mosquitoes are likely to carry the danger of malaria for humankind. This is the reason why practitioners recommend stepping out of your home after applying a mosquito repellent cream. And those households with a backyard area should have a mosquito repellent machine installed all the time.

#3 – Bed bugs

Do you know a major segment of Van Nuys is suffering from bed bugs? These blood-sucking tiny insects are likely to infest your beds and bite you while enjoying your sound sleep. They take no time to create an epidemic inside your home and have ruined the health of many Americans so far. This is the reason why almost every household in this area looks upon a Van Nuys pest control company or service provider. Such companies use reliable pest control cleaning agents with the proper chemical usage. As a result, you get a pest-free home forever. Ensure to get such services frequently to safeguard your home effectively.

Final words

Insects take no time in ruining your home’s healthy environment. There are many factors to consider, from taking a toll on the health aspects to damaging your property. All you need is to begin the pest control process as soon as you see an infestation of insects inside your home.

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