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How to Transform Your House into a Villa with Pool

Adding a pool can transform a regular house into a villa. Couples who have young children often shy away from getting a pool due to safety concerns. If you have children who are old enough, or you wish to increase the value of your home, building a landscaped pool inside your house with the help of a landscape contractor can be a great investment.

A pool enhances the quality of your life and entertains your guests in luxury villas. However, before turning your house into a villa with a swimming pool, you should know about the costs of building and maintaining it. Moreover, the right placement and size of the pool also determines how it will change the look of your house.


It is common to place your pool near the house, particularly in urban properties. In an ideal scenario, you should place your pool where it is away from large trees and gets plenty of sun. If you have children who need to be supervised, keep your pool in sight. Having a pool that is visible from the kitchen window or living area is a good placement option for couples with young children.


The purpose and the design will decide how big your swimming pool should be. Generally, a typical pool comprises of a sloped floor with a 1m shallow end a 1.8m deep end. Although building a deeper pool means more fun, a narrow swimming pool works for houses with limited space.

Costs of Adding a Pool to Your House

Costs depend on the kind of pool you want to build. In the US, the average cost to install and equip a 600-sq.-ft. concrete pool begins anywhere from $30,000. For a more villa-like appearance, homeowners like to add fancy and safety details including waterfalls, lighting and fences. This can add up to $100,000. Gunite, which is a mixture of cement and sand, is the most popular in-ground pool. It has replaced concrete pools and is now popular among decorators and homeowners.

Liners made from vinyl or fiberglass are cost-effective and can easily be added to a swimming pool. If you want to sell your house later, homebuyers will prefer you to replace a vinyl liner, even if you have bought it recently.

Keeping the Pool Clean

Sparkling-clean water can only be achieved by good filtration practices. Efficient filtration brings down maintenance costs and chemical demands in the long run. Although there are several sanitizing systems available, a large number of pool owners prefer using chlorine derived from tablets or liquids.

Things to Know

A pool structure is covered by basic homeowner’s insurance without a separate rider. A few underwriters will require you to install fences so young children are unable to wander inside the pool.

Installing a pool to transform your house into a villa may increase your annual property taxes in a few areas. However, it adds little to your home’s selling price. This is why real estate agents recommend keeping all building costs between 10 to 15% of the value of your home. Nonetheless, a swimming pool adds great value to your life and makes your parties highly entertaining.

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