How Vinyl Siding Can Help You Save

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If you are planning to replace your siding, you must have already considered getting vinyl. because of its numerous advantages, it has become a top choice among homeowners who are looking to save on costs. But how, exactly, can vinyl siding help you save? In this post, we will provide the answers to  that question.

Save on Initial Costs

Vinyl siding generally costs much less than other home cladding choices. According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, it can actually offer great value, with the lowest total installation cost compared with other exterior cladding materials. The institute also claims that re-siding with vinyl is one of the best home improvement projects to perform if one is after cost recovery.

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Furthermore, vinyl siding is lightweight and easy to install. Vinyl siding installation does not require a lot of equipment and tools. This makes installation labor costs less expensive, and a whole lot safer.

Save on Maintenance Time and Cost

Another reason why vinyl siding is so popular among homeowners is the fact that it is very easy to maintain. It does not need to be painted and repainted, unlike wood siding, for instance. Vinyl siding only needs to be washed with soap and water to keep it clean and fresh-looking. Moreover, it is not susceptible to effects such as rotting and insect infestation and damage; treating vinyl with special preventative coatings and products is unnecessary.

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Vinyl is also known for its durability – it is able to withstand high winds and resist heat and moisture, and to retain its appearance and performance for a long time. This helps reduce the need for repairs or replacement.

Save on Energy Bills

Insulated vinyl siding is available for those who require it. Insulated vinyl siding has a layer of specialized foam adhered between the siding and the home’s walls, to increase its insulating ability, more commonly known as R-value. This keeps your home cooler during summer by keeping the sun’s heat at bay, and warm during winter since it prevents warm air from escaping your home.

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With the help of insulated vinyl siding, you get to reduce your utilities expenses while maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. The insulation also helps you preserve your heating and cooling equipment by not overworking it.

Save the Environment

As a bonus, vinyl siding is a green option. It outperforms most exterior cladding when it comes to life cycle and maintenance, thereby reducing the need for frequent replacement which could mean dumping the old siding into the environment. In fact, vinyl is recyclable. Even if you decide to have the siding replaced, the old material can still be used reused.. Additionally, as vinyl is a lightweight product, moving it from the manufacturing facilities to your home does not consume as much fuel and energy.

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Indeed, installing vinyl siding can help you save in many different ways. If you wish to maximize your savings potential, it is best to consult a professional installer or home improvement contractor who can recommend the right products and configurations according to your home’s needs.


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