Insulated Vinyl Siding: 7 Top Reasons to Make the Switch

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Siding can do more than just give a common theme for your home’s exterior, also designed to protect against the elements and boost home energy efficiency and comfort. Today, siding options have improved, building upon what worked in the past. Among the newer siding options available to you is insulated vinyl siding and there are numerous reasons why you should switch to it.

What is Insulated Vinyl Siding?

Insulated vinyl siding is basically a combination of the PVC resin siding material and an insulated foam backer made from closed-cell expanded polystyrene, a safe and non-toxic compound that consists of hydrogen and carbon.

Vinyl siding continues to be popular among homeowners in the U.S., and even in the entire North America, and being reinforced with high-quality insulation material simply bumps up the value of the affordable material further in the home improvement industry.


Why Switch to Insulated Vinyl Siding?

Insulated vinyl siding provides a myriad of irresistible benefits, like:

  1. Improved Insulation

Naturally, insulated vinyl siding offers better insulating values than its non-insulated counterpart. The manufacturing advancements applied in this material was focused on thermal performance, increasing the R-value, which is the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. Furthermore, insulated vinyl siding also aids in decreasing thermal bridging while increasing airtightness.

Better insulating values mean that this material does better when it comes to keeping indoor heat in and outdoor heat out. In the process, insulated vinyl siding also helps stabilize indoor temperature, lowering heating and cooling bills.


  1. Durability

Because of its insulating foam backing, insulated vinyl siding is more durable than regular vinyl siding, designed to resist weather effects and is said to last up to 25 years with proper maintenance.

Insulated vinyl siding is also resistant to common detrimental factors such as moisture, mold, insects, and ultraviolet light. It can also stand long-term heat exposure from the sun, which can damage regular vinyl siding.


  1. Variety

Insulated vinyl siding comes in a wide variety of style and color options, making it easy for homeowners to match it with the home’s architectural style and aesthetic appeal.

You can choose from horizontal lap or clapboard insulated vinyl siding. It also comes in the form of panels, shakes, and shingles, as well as beaded and board and batten profile and various colors to complement existing home themes.


  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Because of the wide range of insulated vinyl siding options available, you’re sure to find one that suits your home perfectly. Annoyed by wall irregularities? Insulated vinyl siding can cover those up perfectly, thanks to the foam backing that keeps siding flush with the wall. With waviness prevented, the siding option gives you a more elegant- and streamlined-looking exterior.


  1. Installation Ease

Despite its added insulating foam backing, insulated vinyl siding is still lighter in weight than other siding materials. This makes for easier and safer handling, and eventually, easier and quicker installation. By choosing insulated vinyl siding, you can have new siding installed in no time, with lower labor costs. Furthermore, insulated vinyl siding can be installed over existing siding, as long as the old layer has not compromised the waterproof sheathing. This also speeds up the installation process as you will not need to strip your old siding down.


  1. Maintenance Ease

Insulated vinyl siding are factory-finished, which means that the colors are integrated into the siding material during the manufacturing process. Because of the controlled finishing, the colors can last a lifetime and thus, you won’t have to scrape, stain, or repaint the siding in the future. All it needs is regular cleaning and inspection and you’re set. Should insulated vinyl siding be damaged due to extreme weather conditions, it can be repaired easily as the panels or pieces can be detached individually without much difficulty.


  1. Great Value for Money

With all the advantages that it can give and its affordable price tag, insulated vinyl siding proves to be a cost-effective solution for improving your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, and curb appeal. Other siding options also have something to offer but insulated vinyl siding’s price-to-benefits ratio simply lets it stand out from others.     insulated-vinyl-siding8

Vinyl Siding But Better

Insulated vinyl siding builds upon the benefits of regular vinyl siding, making it better. This naturally bumps up the upfront price tag a bit but you’ll see that the added cost results in a truly worthy investment. To learn more about insulated vinyl siding, just consult with a reputable siding expert in your area.


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