How To Protect Your Property When Doing Renovations

How To Protect Property When Doing Renovations

Last Updated on May 12, 2023 by Kravelv

With every home remodeling project, there’s a period of destruction. Contractors need to tear down particular areas to rebuild and make them better. However, a few dangers to your home could come during that destruction. Avoid concluding the project with more issues than when things started. Here’s how to protect your property when doing renovations.

Document the Current State

Grab your camera and start snapping pictures. Capture every area of your home, not just the locations that you’re renovating. You need plenty of “before” photos. This way, if an issue does occur, you’ll have proof of what the state was before destruction happened.

You need this evidence for your insurance claims. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that, but it never hurts to be prepared. Plus, these “before” photos will help with the dramatic effect when you reveal the finished product.

Stock Up on Covers

Prepare for the dust and debris. It’s inevitable and unavoidable. Stock up on plenty of covers for your furniture. Cleaning the debris from renovation projects off your couch or dining room table will be easier this way.

Buy the thickest covers you can find. Plastic or cotton ones will work just fine. Protect every inch of the furniture and tape the endings down. The cover is no good if it’s constantly moving and shifting off the furniture. Also, consider placing a tarp down on the floor to protect the hardwood surface or carpeting.

Protect the Driveway

You can’t throw away the waste from remodeling inside your kitchen garbage. For one thing, it won’t fit. Secondly, some of that waste could be hazardous and need specialized disposal. So rent a dumpster, and place it outside your home.

These containers are heavy and will only weigh more with all the items you place inside them. Therefore, you need to protect your driveway when using a dumpster so that it doesn’t endure any cracks or damage. Ask your provider what they suggest, then stock up on the supplies they recommend. They might even provide some help with protection along with the dumpster.

Find a Storage Unit

Some projects are bigger than others, and rearranging furniture or covering it won’t be enough. Consider renting a storage unit for some of those truly precious and priceless items. If there will be lots of activity in your home, it may be best to just remove any potential hazards.

Find a storage facility close to your home to decrease travel time when you move everything back in. Make sure the unit has 24-hour surveillance and a climate-controlled interior. This is especially important for electronics. Placing them in the wrong conditions for too long can cause them to malfunction. At the end of the home renovation, you’ll want to show off the transformation. You can’t do that if you don’t protect your property first.

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