Different Ways To Add Character to Your Home’s Interior

Ways To Add Character to Home’s Interior

Last Updated on May 12, 2023 by Kravelv

Every detail of your home, from the color of your walls to the floorboards, builds the essence of your space. Like the clothes you wear and the way you style your hair, your home’s design and decorations form a specific aesthetic and personality. The more personable your space, the more charm, and comfort it exudes. Explore four different ways to add character to your home’s interior and design a space that radiates a charming personality worth enjoying over many years.

Install Hand-Hewn Beams

Exposed beams enhance your spaces with visual details and structural support. Hand-hewn beams give you all that with some added character. There are many notable characteristics of hand-hewn beams, adze markings being one of them.

Unlike machine-shaped beams, hand-hewn beams feature human imperfections. They have lots of different markings from hand tools. Installing hand-hewn beams into your space gives you a character-filled design element that enhances your home’s charm.

Decorate With Secondhand Finds

Thrift stores give you a treasure trove filled with finds rich in stories. Each item that passes through them carries a past life that’s waiting to return. The stories, markings, and signs of wear and tear over the years give objects personality and charm. Decorate your space with secondhand finds to bring character to your interior.

Implement Different Textures

Textures shape space in many ways, altering the way an environment looks and feels. Fabrics and earthy, natural materials possess lots of texture, providing an array of visual detail. From the burls and knots on wood to layered stone and woven fabrics, texture comes in many forms, generating multiple diverse looks and characteristics. Implement textures in your space to build lots of design details that reflect your personality.

Create Accent Pieces

Certain aspects of a person—like a distinct laugh or a vivid eye color—distinguish them from others. Accent pieces give spaces distinct and notable characteristics that differentiate a room from others. Adding accent designs to your space gives your home a statement characteristic. Use one-of-a-kind wallpaper, install stained-glass windows, or implement a sunroof. There are many ways to make an accent piece in your home.

A home filled with character exudes charm and comfort. These are the perfect conditions for a safe and cozy place to enjoy as you grow over time. Build your home’s personality with these four different ways to add character to your home’s interior

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