How to Make Your House a Dog-Friendly Place

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There is no place like home, both for you and your dog, that is why when designing it you need to think about your little furry friend too. Can they move freely, do they have their own place to eat and rest, and are they absolutely comfortable in your house? So here are a couple of things you need to incorporate in your home to make it more dog-friendly.

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Easy Way In and Out

Maybe you have heard of people training their dogs to use door knobs with their paws, but they barely succeed. Even if it is possible, you cannot try a trick like this with little ones, like Pugs, Maltese’s or Shi Tzus, so you will have to find another way to let your dog in and out of the house without having to jump on your feet every time he stands at the door. The most practical solution are built-in dog door, that are not just for the entrance, but if you want, you can build one for every room in the house.

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Welcome Home

Just like you have a hallway to leave your shoes and take of your coat or a jacket, you need a storage space for your dog’s necessities. And what are those? Well, every time you go for a walk, it is pretty convenient to keep a leash at hands reach when you leave the house. Also, you will need a place at the entrance to keep the clean and dry towels, to clean your little one’s paws when you come back from a rainy walk.

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Watch Your Step

No matter how careful you are, and how clean you keep your dog, they are bound to get the floor a little bit dirty, as they move around the house a lot. That is why it is smart to design your home with resilient flooring like tiles or concrete, but also hardwood floors, possibly without any carpets. But then remember to install floor heating that both you and your pet will love during the cold winter months. However, there is one quite practical thing called carpet tiles that you can remove from time to time, wash, and use again as your floor covering.

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The Key is to Good Organization

A house is separated into rooms for a reason. You know that in the kitchen is where you eat, in bedroom is where you sleep, and bathroom is for other necessities. Just like that, your dog needs to have his place in the house, and to know where he eats, sleeps, and where his stuff are kept. This is also an important part of your dogs training, and teaching him good behavior.

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So you need to know exactly where you will feed your dog, because leaving the bowl just lying around the house might cause a lot of tripping and spilling. That is why you need a specific corner of the house reserved just for them, possibly somewhere by the wall, where it will not be in your way. Just be careful, as the dog food can have an unusual smell that can be also quite unpleasant, it is better to avoid keeping it next to your dining table or in the living room.

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You also need to create a space in your bathroom where you will regularly wash your dog, as their hygiene and flea removal is of great importance for their health. With smaller dogs, it is quite easy, as you can take care of them in the bathroom sink, but you cannot really wash a Labrador in one, can you? You can always wash them in your tub, but it can be quite uncomfortable bending over a low bathtub, so installing a dog shower might not be a bad idea. You can even put one outside, for a hot summer days, that are much easier to deal with.

Finally, even though your little one will want to sleep with you in bed, you should make him his own space anyways. In a corner, where you do not bother him, but still in a room where you spend most of your time with, so that he is always close to you.

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No matter how hard you try to teach them not to climb on to the armchair and a couch in a living room, after some time you will give up as you will love their company by your side while you are reading a book or watching a movie. So make sure that all the furniture is covered with washable coverings, that are possibly claw-proof, as they might destroy the furniture accidentally.

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Your dog is like a member of your family. He is not only your friend, but also your baby, so show them that you care, and that there is a place for them in your hearth, and your home.



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