How to Care for Double-Hung Windows

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Double-hung windows are the most popular window style in the United States today, and are a favorite among homeowners because of the many benefits they offer. But just like any other type of window, double-hungs need TLC to keep looking and working like new. The good news is that caring for a double-hung window is easy.

To help you get started, keep the following in mind:

  • Clean windows as needed. At least twice a year is recommended to keep the glass clean and clear. More frequent washing will be necessary in areas where there are plenty of airborne particles, like industrial zones and coastal areas.

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  • Practice safety. Many double-hung units have tilt-in features to make cleaning easier and safer, but it’s always a good idea to be careful when handling a window’s movable parts. Also, when cleaning, never leave the bottom sash unattended when small children or pets are around.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions. Always read manufacturer instructions before using any type of cleaning product or tool on your windows. Improper cleaning may cause damage and void your warranty.

Cleaning Window Glass

Dirt, dust, salt spray and grease can be washed off using a solution of water and mild detergent, and a soft brush or cloth. Brushing or wiping away loose debris before applying the cleaning solution will also facilitate clean-up.

Once the dry wipe is complete, apply your cleaning solution and wipe the window with a clean cloth, working your way around the glass in a circular motion. Finish by removing any leftover traces using a dry, lint-free cloth.

To prevent streaks from glass cleaner residue, avoid cleaning windows under direct sunlight. If acid solutions used for cleaning masonry ever come in contact with any part of your window, wash the solution away immediately with water.

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Cleaning Window Frames & Sills

Just like window glass, window frames and sills are best pre-cleaned with a dry brush or cloth before any cleaning solution is applied. Dirt and grime have a tendency to accumulate on window frames, and tackling them with liquid cleaners without a dry wipe beforehand will create muddy streaks, making your job much harder. Warm soapy water and a sponge or cloth are all you need to clean window frames and sills.

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Cleaning Insect Screens & Grilles

A mild detergent solution is still your best friend when it comes to cleaning insect screens and grilles, but if you have major grime or grease buildups, don’t be afraid to use stronger cleaners. Just make sure to keep them from coming into contact with your window glass.

Caring for Window Hardware

Besides getting rid of dirt with cleaning solutions, window hardware needs additional care depending on the material it is made of. If your windows have chrome hardware, you can go at them with some polish, making sure to follow product instructions carefully. For distressed or oil-rubbed hardware, occasional applications of light mechanical oil will help deepen their sheen and color. Just coat them entirely with oil, let stand for several minutes, and gently rub off the excess with a clean cloth.

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Caring for your windows may mean additional work, but think of it as a means of protecting your investment and ensuring that you get the most use out of them for years to come.

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