How to Make the Perfect Student Study Room

Last Updated on November 17, 2021 by Kravelv

Students spend three-quarters of their weekdays studying and preparing for the next study day. Someone dedicates even more time to academic issues. So there is no wonder that every student craves a well-organized study room to boost productivity and enhance successful outcomes. If you still haven’t got your study corner or it needs serious refurbishment, get armed with the following tips and ideas and design a perfect study room with no hurdles. It also influences the writing process but you may think to buy essay papers to pay more attention to studying.

how to make the perfect study room

Keep It Tidy

The main point about the creation and maintenance of your study space is to keep it clean and well-ordered. Those who claim about the mess being the typical feature of a creative person are certainly wrong. Cluttered desktops make it difficult to find the item you need to perform a task here and now. A messy room distracts you and makes it uncomfortable to work in. Dirty and smelly space is not the best condition to help your brains function properly.

Find time to clean up at least once a week, including wet cleaning, air your room regularly, get organizers for your desktop and things around the space. This all will build up a suitable surrounding for the proper functioning as a student.

Get Rid of Distractions

Procrastination and distractions are going to ruin your study process unless you eliminate them from your study space. Here are some common ideas on fighting with distractions in your study room:

  • Get rid of video games, magazines, fiction books that can interrupt you during study session;
  • Turn off your phone or download the concentration application to keep you away from social media and other time wasters;
  • Don’t keep food in your study room especially junk one to reduce both mess and distractions; the exceptions can be a water bottle and energy bar or dark chocolate;
  • If you are working at your laptop or computer, eliminate digital distractions as well. Leave open windows you only need for work such as text editors, paper writing service, online dictionary, etc. Block ads, notifications, and entertaining websites, so that you concentrate on your studies easily;
  • Fight procrastination in every possible way. Work in sprints, settle tasks and timeframes, reward yourself for achievements.

All in all, the aim of your study space is not to distract you but help you organize your workday most efficiently.

Feel Comfortable

The central and top vital objects of your study room are desk and chair. Mind that you will spend hours in a row daily at your desk, so you need to make it comfortable enough. A spacious desk will allow you to work both with a computer and books, while the ergonomic chair will prevent backache and harm to your physical health at the end of your busy day. Mind that you are not recommended to study in the bed or get a too comfortable chair, or you will find it difficult to concentrate and fall asleep in between studies easily.

Care about Environment

The environment of your study room is another point that can be both distracting and helpful in your study sessions, depending on how well you organize everything. Here are some significant things for you to consider:

  • Air – the fresh air will help your brains function better, so air your room regularly. Avoid bright smells from food leftovers, dirty clothes, perfumes, cooking, or they can act like serious distractions and make you feel nauseous.
  • Temperature – being too cold or too hot during a study session may reduce your productivity as well. So your task is to keep a stable temperature in your room, and better make it cool than warm so that you don’t fall asleep.
  • Light – concentrated light is always better than diffused light. Still, natural light is the best one. But if you are not on time to perform all the tasks in the daylight, get a good table lamp for your study room. Select between light colors you like and place the lamp so that it neither beam in your face nor shadow your study materials.
  • Noise – noise in the surrounding won’t be a helpful option as well, so aim to reduce any distracting noises. Put up warning signs for people not to disturb you during study sessions. Don’t put on music that you can sing along or dwell on lyrics. If you need music to concentrate, better use classics or some pieces concentration application may suggest you.

Creating nurturing surroundings is as important as filling your study space with useful staff. Consider it when organizing a perfect place to study at.

Track the Time

Time trackers will be your best buddies during study sessions. Select a wall or a table clock with well distinctive digits so that you can tell the time the moment you need. Still, care that the clock sound isn’t too loud, or it can distract and irritate you as well. You can also get the use of a kitchen timer to administer your study sprints so that you can keep up the pace and work fruitfully. It is recommended not to use your smartphone clock, or you can easily get distracted with programs on it. It is better to use concentration applications that can track your time, disabling you from using any other apps on the phone.

Keep Necessities at Hand

Organize your study space so that you can easily reach all the necessities with no time or effort wasted. This means you’d better organize everything neatly on the table and in the desk drawers. Use cups, paper organizers, pins and clips, stack books and notebooks on the organized pile. You can also place a magnet or corkboard over your desktop so that you can put all the urgent and even some inspiring things up there.

Concentrate on Proper Things

Although proper study room design is an efficient thing to add to your productivity and organize your study process well, don’t go overboard. You still need to concentrate more on the study process and academic success than your surrounding design. So, aim to make the perfect study room, not turning the process into a major distraction. 

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