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How to Make Your Small Living Room into a Spacious Zone

Living in a small space does not mean you have to suffocate yourself in a cramped living room. Though you don’t have a mansion to boast of, you can still keep guests delighted in a simple yet airy living room despite its mediocre size. The size of your living area does not really matter when talking about spaciousness. As a matter of fact, even a mansion’s living room will look small and constricted if you do not know how to properly maximize the space that you have.

Understanding how small design ideas work will give you an edge in decorating your humble abode to give it an illusion of space. Here are some of the tips to keep your living room as spacious as possible!

Mind Your Color Palette

Colors play crucial roles in making a space appear small or big. The most common color used to create a sense of extra space is white. Painting your walls and ceiling with the same shade of white will provide an illusion that the walls and ceiling are one. Thus, making your ceiling look higher than it actually is. But if you do not want an all-white living room, you can opt for other lighter tones such as pastels as well. Light paints give a room an airy feel as it maximizes the natural lights.

You should also mind the color of your furnishings. While it looks good to give a splash of color here and there, stay away from bold and dark colors as much as you can. Dark colors, whether they are on the walls or furnishings, absorb the light making the room look smaller.

Legs Break the Space

Did you know that anything with legs can make a small living room into a spacious zone? Just make sure that the legs are touching the floor so that it can trick people that the floor is bigger than its real size! Furniture with visible legs such as coffee tables and chairs state openness and easy movement. Investing in these types of furniture is certainly a deal you surely don’t want to miss.

Be Wise With Mirrors

Mirrors are not reserved for bathrooms and bedrooms alone! To make a small space appear bigger, use mirrors wisely. For the well-experienced, they love placing mirrors in front of a window. This will not only reflect the beauty of nature outside, but it will also reflect the natural light coming in from the outside so that it can better saturate the room. Mirrors also reflect the artificial lights that you have installed. So ensure that you place the mirror strategically.

You may also opt to use a coffee or center table with a glass tabletop. As long as it reflects the light, it’s a sure way to make your living room look larger.

Have Second Thoughts about Curtains

Many believed that curtains and drapes are necessary. They block the light and the heat, and also add some aesthetic effect to the living room interior. Unfortunately, drapes and curtains have a negative effect on space. Draperies and curtains make a room feel stuffy and tight even if you pull it to the sides. If you can’t let go of them, however, consider putting them on a longer bar that is placed as close to the ceiling as possible. That way, the drapes and curtains can easily clear the window frame every time you push them aside. Also, use lightweight fabrics with light colors as much as possible.

You may also choose to install shutters or cloth blinds. They also provide the privacy that you need without sacrificing too much of the space.

Scatter the Lights

Space deception is made possible with the proper light layout. Since lights play a huge factor in giving a room a certain airy vibe, you need to properly think where you want to put it. Small scattered lights are better than one single light source. Why? That is because unlighted parts of the living room hide plainly from view making the space look smaller.

It is best to utilize several ceiling lights, table lamps and even wall sconces. Do not leave even one corner dark!

Ditch the Rugs

Rugs look beautiful and make a room more elegant. But alas, they do not go well with a small area. Keeping large portions of the floor visible creates an illusion of a wider floor area. So if you have large rugs, take them out and let your floor shine.

But if you really want to include the sophistication that rugs bring to your living room interior, you can do so by making wise decisions. Do not choose large rugs that cover almost your entire floor space. Instead, go for smaller rugs with little repetitive patterns. The pattern repetition will help make your living room look bigger.

Plan Your Layout Carefully

Interior designing for small spaces is quite a challenge. Place some of your furniture a few inches off the wall. You do not need to put your sofa and shelves right on the wall itself. Aside from protecting your wall from avoidable scratches, the few inches of space will produce a sense of airiness and breathability. Thus, making your living room bigger.

Deciding on a focal point while planning your layout will also give you an edge. Choose a piece of furniture or an area of the living room as your central point. Decorate your main area in a way that it becomes an attention-grabber.

Clear the Clutter

Last but not the least, clear the clutter. This is a self-explanatory trick into making your small living room into a spacious zone. Irrelevant clutter keeps the room stuffy and messy. Simple cleaning will do the trick, and you will be quite surprised to see how much space you truly have without the mess.

So stow away those books lying on the floor, keep throw pillows on the sofa, and clean up your dog’s toys. Because, really, cleaning is simple magic that many of us always take for granted.

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