Reasons Why You Need an Air Compressor in Your Home Garage or Workshop

Last Updated on February 16, 2022 by Kravelv

When you originally set up your workspace in the garage or you got your own workshop,  you will likely spend a lot of time researching the different power tools that are available for you to use. The exact ones you decide to get will depend on which projects you would like to complete there as well. 

One thing that you should consider adding to your garage or workshop is the best home garage air compressor. This tool may not be at the top of your list, but it can really make your life easier as you focus on a variety of different projects. 

air compressor in garage

Whether you want to start doing some of your own projects, need to spray paint things around the home or you need some help with those care repairs, the right air compressor can help you get it all done. Some of the best reasons why you may want to add an air compressor to your home garage or workshop include:

1. All Your DIY Projects

If you have an interest in crafts, building something, or carpentry, then there is nothing like a nice nail gun to help get the work done. And for you to accurately and effectively use the nail gun, you will need your own air compressor to save money. 

For example, a nail gun that is operated by a battery will cost between $200 and $500 each. But if you use one that has an air compressor to help, the cost can go down to $50 instead. This can make it more economical for those who want to get a lot done with their projects. 

Another benefit here is that the pneumatic nail guns are going to be lighter, which makes them easier to use and the air pressure can last longer than the charge of a battery. This makes using the air compressor a win/win for everyone involved. 

2. Have Fun with Spray Painting

Spray painting around the home has always been a bit of a pain to handle. But when you add the air compressor to your spray gun, it is easier to get all of the painting done that you need. If you have a lot of time on your hands, then painting with a paintbrush is a great place to start. But if you want to paint the cabinets and furniture quickly, then the air compressor helps. 

The air compressor is a great way to get the smooth and beautiful results that you want. In just a few minutes, rather than over days, you could get the whole kitchen to look like new, without having to purchase new cabinets or spend just as much having someone else do the painting for you. 

3. For Those Car Repairs

Paying for a mechanic is never a fun idea for anyone. Those bills can get expensive and you are stuck feeling like you were taken to the cleaners. Many of the smaller jobs concerning your car could be done on your own with the air compressor.

With a little bit of instruction, you will be able to complete several different tasks on the car including:

  • Installing a new PCV valve
  • Performing your own tune-up
  • Changing the fuel filter

The biggest issue with doing these tasks is that the bolts can get stuck as the car ages. You could use a regular ratchet and socket to work on the bolts, but they take forever and may still not do the job. 

This is where the compressor will come into play. It can help you get that bolt off in no time so you can complete some of the auto repairs without having to pay as much as the mechanic to do it. Get the bolts off in just seconds, get the part fixed, and then put the bolts back without all the hassle. 

4. It is Versatile

When it comes to a tool that is versatile and effective, you will not find one that is better than the air compressor. In addition to all of the neat uses above, there are a variety of air tools that you can use with an air compressor. And since it can be combined with a lot of different tools, there are many jobs around the home that can help you get finished. Some of these include:

  • Clean up all the sawdust on the floor of the garage.
  • Change the color of a bike so you can pass it down to another get. 
  • Work on the baseboards and crown moldings around the home. 

These are just a few of the ways that you can use the air compressor to improve your home. Plus, these tools are often more durable and will last longer than a corded tool or a tool run by battery power. They have fewer moving parts and one motor that does it all so it is less likely to break. 

While the air compressor is not the first tool on the list when you try to stock your garage or workshop, it will quickly become your favorite. It works with all air tools and can be utilized for many other tools on your list as well. Get all the projects done quickly and effectively when you add an air compressor to the mix. 

Choosing an Air Compressor for Your Needs

There are so many reasons why you should consider an air compressor for your home garage or workshop. If you plan to do a lot of different projects and want to make those projects a little bit easier, the air compressor is one of the best tools to make that happen. 

As you fill up your garage or workshop with all the neat tools and supplies that you may need while you do your projects, do not forget to add the air compressor to the list as well. It is a simple tool that can help you get so much done, no matter what your goals are in that workshop. 

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