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How to Live Large in a Studio Apartment

Studies reveal that more people are choosing to live alone – especially in professionally competitive countries. This lifestyle trend impacts various sectors of business because these people make up a new market.

Likewise, property investors are looking for homes that are completely suitable for their lifestyle. Those who live in the city spend much of their time at work and do not typically need fancy features for their home. But at the same time, they want their house to be versatile enough to make city living as satisfying as possible.

The real estate industry is greatly affected by these developments. It has increased the demand for affordable dwellings in prime locations, which are actually already crowded with both commercial and residential structures.

Real estate developers are responding to this trend by offering modern studio apartments as the solution. These compact homes are just the right for most solo dwellers, yet they offer countless possibilities. Despite the small size, living large does not need to be a problem.

Living Large in a Studio Apartment

If you have decided that studio apartment living in Dubai Sports City is for you, then you will learn soon enough that it is possible to lead a “grand” life in a compact abode.

Studio apartments can be found in buildings with an abundance of amenities, many of which can be used by tenants for free. They are also impeccably designed so you will always be happy with the aesthetics of your home.

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7 Versatile Solutions For a More Satisfying Studio Apartment

If you wish for the studio apartment you have purchased to truly serve you well, there are clever strategies you can implement. A top residential property developer in the UAE shares the following tips you can consider following to enhance the beauty and functionality of your solo space:

  1. Go with an open concept

In a studio apartment, it’s best to leave the dividers where they are. Your focus should be on careful placement ideas to make the limited space as open as possible. With an open concept, the apartment will look and feel bigger, allowing for a smooth flow of movements and an easy transition from one area to another.

  1. Invest in bespoke furniture and fittings that can serve multiple purposes

If most of the implements in your home can be used in different ways, you can minimize clutter and free up a lot of useful space. This will make home entertaining easier because you have furniture and fittings that double as storage or even extra seating.

In addition to maximizing the space, bespoke fittings can also make it look balanced. You can get rid of awkward corners by having furniture created specifically for such areas.

  1. Make use of vertical space to clear the floor area

When you live in a studio apartment, you have to make every square foot count. One smart way of doing that is by taking advantage of the underused space just beneath the ceiling. Set up bookcases, shelves, and even cabinets all the way up there and free up more floor space that you can get creative with.

  1. Pay attention to proportions

It is best to work with the space you have and choose small, narrow or slim appliances and furniture. You would not be compromising function and beauty if you properly scale the major pieces in your apartment.

  1. Always choose quality over quantity

Adopt the principle that minimalists take to heart when it comes to putting items in the home. They would much rather spend a greater amount of money on fewer quality pieces than get more items for cheap.

One beautifully designed ergonomic couch can be a wiser choice when it comes to long-term function and aesthetic appeal than a collection of bean bags for sitting, cute as they may be. A small yet sturdy statement dining table with plush chairs is also better than a big and lightweight plastic dining set.

If you really want to make compact living grand, be more discriminating with the quality of the pieces you furnish your home with. You will not only achieve a better look, but you can be sure that the items will last you a much longer time.

  1. Wall-mount everything you can

Additional lighting, your big TV, and speakers can be mounted on the wall. This strategy will make your studio apartment feel more spacious and it will also allow traffic to flow smoothly at all times, especially when you have people over.

  1. Mirror the back wall

This is a design tactic that can open up space in such a pretty way. The mirror can look like a window, while also bouncing light across the room for optimum illumination.

Living large in a studio apartment is not difficult at all. Use the tips provided here to transform your compact home into a lovely personal space where you can do anything your heart desires.


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