How to grow grass seed

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The most dominant questions that linger in a person’s mind about this subject is usually. Based on understanding the best time to plant grass seed and how to plant grass seed, this article will make an attempt to provide you with those answers and more. You may choose to use a grass seed planter, a vertical grass seed slicer, or other methods – still, this article will be relevant to you. Take some time to read it to the end and you will not be disappointed.

When to plant grass seed  

So, when should you sow your grass seed? Generally, grass seed planting is done in autumn – after the hottest weather. However, this might not always be possible because most grass seed is available in spring. So if you must seed in spring, then do it as soon as the ground thaws. Why may you ask? This is because you want some natural moisture coming down to keep that seed wet. This is because the roots have to gain some strength before it gets too hot – in summer. Normally during the hot season, the grass has to deal with the dry and hot conditions while competing with too many weeds. Unless you are sowing grass seed that is special, then growing grass seed in these conditions can be a tough exercise.

While on the “special types” keep in mind that these days there are seeds for almost any season. Do consider the weather conditions in your areas before planting. For example, In warmer climates, use warm-season grasses including. These are planted as single-species plugs. Cool-season grasses are usually blended in a seed mix that can be spread with a broadcast seeder.

How to plant grass seed or what is the best way to plant grass seed?

You should plant it shallow because it is one of the smallest seeds available. If it is too small like bent grass, then you should just partially cover it with moist soil, but if it is relatively large then you should fully cover it up with moist soil.  Make sure that for every one thousand square feet of your lawn you use 4lbs. If you overseed or under do it, then you will most likely hate the outcome.

Then you need acceptable, moist conditions to promote grass seed germination. So keep an eye on the area you seeded. Keep it moist as much as possible. Before you know it, the seeds will sprout.

Growing grass seed

Now on to growing grass seed. After the new grass is two to three inches tall, you can start mowing and changing the watering pattern to infrequently but deeply (e.g. once per week or at two times per week max) for 2 hours. Deep infrequent applications are preferred to shallow frequent applications on an established lawn. However, while seed germination is taking place, you can not let the seeds dry out otherwise they will die. Therefore, temporarily you must water as often as possible and water shallowly. It is recommended that you do this twice a day for about 15 minutes each time. Mowing is an important ingredient to having a great looking lawn as well.

Mowing grass

When your grass is taller than 3 inches, it’s time to mow it. Please remember that do not mow your grass too soon. Since it will weaken your grass, and create a good chance for weed and some types of lawn disease to attack your grass. Mowing is not a difficult task. You just have to choose a good lawn mower,  especially a good reel mower, and use it to mow your lawn. Currently, there are too many types of lawn mower on the market. You can choose a self-propelled lawn mower or a simple push reel mower. The price of them will be equal to the function they can perform. So, it’s up to your choice. Only you can decide which one is the best lawn mower for yourself. In case if you have some trouble in deciding, we know a good lawn mower buying guide and it may help you, please click here for more information.

Moreover, please make sure that your mowing blades are sharpened properly before mowing. Because a dull mowing blade not only create a terrible cut, but it also tear the lawn blade and this is a great chance for lawn diseases to attack your grass. It’s better to check the status of your mowing blades before mowing. It will help you know exactly when your lawn mower needs the maintenance.


There is so much more information we can provide, as you continue going through this site, you will gain more and more knowledge. Do also visit other online sources, some of which we mention throughout the site. This way you will ensure that you are getting as much expert advice as possible.


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