A bigger house by means of extensions and superstructures!

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Kravelv

There are many reasons for which you may be stimulated to set about building extensions or superstructures in your house.

The list of reasons for your inspiration to build home extensions or superstructures on your available property is rather long.  Though each has merits of its own, the most important among them is that your house will be bigger. There is hardly anyone who is disinclined to having more space, for instance, who is reluctant to set up a summer kitchen or a cosy garage to keep the car in.


Extensions and home planning definitely open up a number of possibilities before us.

Imagine that the square footage of your house is modest at best, so you cannot afford a spacious lounge, nor separate rooms for your children.

What is more, you have long wanted kitchen space with access from the courtyard that can be used in winter too. It could be fitted with big windows with a view to the garden, which could be kept open in the warmer months,   while the rest of the time you would be able to enjoy the snow from the comfort of your home, together with your family.

Those are just some of the ideas that could be put into practice depending on your family needs. Rest assured that your family would be happy to enjoy the result from such an extension: a spacious home with conveniences to be envied!

Mention has already been made of the garage; it is by no means of small importance.  Your car would be protected from the weather conditions or from possible raids by people of criminal intent. If you are still in doubt whether to invest in an annex to your house, no room for hesitation on this issue!

Another option of real interest is building a separate children’s ground within the house that leaves you with the sense of outdoors. The effects of environmental change can be exhausting for children and you will quickly appreciate such an extension option. Of course, birthday celebrations could be held too; friends could be invited.

Your children would love their own space to play in and you would be able to go about your chores in peace, to work or just have a moment of rest in silence with a glass of drink in your hand.

Next, why not build a spa centre in the attic? It can be equipped with a mini pool, jacuzzi, sauna or a salt room. A botanical garden could also be added with great effect, especially if the yard is rather small and you are not happy with the current amount of greenery.

Chances for obtaining state-of-the-art solutions can also be found in the extras provided by annexes and superstructures.  There are some unique houses you can only see in magazines. May be you have the funds necessary to trust a professional to design the project of your desire?  No more thinking about it, just make it a reality and live your dream!


If you have no specific plans or more precise ideas how to build an extension or superstructure to your house, we suggest that you draw inspiration from some photographs found on the internet or from some popular visual applications.

When you are through with these steps, contact a professional company for advice on what is suitable, how to make it happen, what should be the budget.

Perhaps it is the time now for real action and all you have to do is to be patient and wait for its completion.

While the team gets busy with it, you could draw up a list of guests with whom you would wish to share your satisfaction with the change achieved in your home.

Kravelv is a full time digital marketer and part time furniture and cabinet maker. During his free time he would like to create something out of recycled woods, this varies from toys, furnitures plant boxes etc. Follow him on Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook