How to Effectively Prevent Rust at Home


Keeping your home clean and neat is something every housewife or househusband dreams of. To maintain it regularly, couples often have a laundry day, a washing day and many other chore-related rituals. But some things inside a home are impossible to stop. One of them is definitely rust. If you have any metal furniture or railings, they will eventually come down with rust. Nevertheless, like all other household issues, it can be prevented to certain degree or successfully removed.
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Rust-related Health Issues 

When we think of rust in the home context, the first items that come to our mind are metal furniture items. However, rust can also be found in pans and other metal dishes. While rust itself does not pose a threat to your health, it can serve as a perfect shelter for bacteria, especially the ones that cause tetanus (here is a comprehensive explanation of the tetanus-rust relation). Nevertheless, if you clean your dishes from rust on a regular basis, you will keep those bacteria from entering your body, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

Prefer Wood over Metal

Probably the most efficient way of preventing rust at home is not buying items that might get rusty. Corrosion adores all kinds of metal, but its favorite is iron and different alloys having iron as their essential part. A home owner that doesn’t want to be dealing with rust in the first place will choose wooden furniture, as well as wood stair railings. If you don’t have iron or steel items around your place, there will be not rust.

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Protect Metal Items

However practical wood items might be, the problem is that they are often more expensive than the metal ones, plus they demand a high level of care. That is the reason why most people decide to apply a mixture of wood and metal items and surfaces. The most important thing when it comes to rust prevention is coating and painting metal surfaces. The process of painting needs to be redone every few years, especially if you keep those items in the spaces where they are exposed to the parallel influence of carbon dioxide, water or oxygen (which is almost every open space).

Handle It Smartly

If the steps above did not help preventing rust from piling up on your metal furniture and other objects, you will have to get down to removing this reddish layer. The first and foremost thing when removing rust from iron and its fellow alloys is wearing protective gloves. There is a variety of tools for removing rust, as well. For straight pieces of metal you can go with a belt sander. On the other hand, bent or curved items will require an orbital sander. Also, try some of these quality rust prevention products in order to ensure long-lasting protection of the areas you clean from rust.

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React at Once

Rust is not some kind of a miraculous phenomenon that comes out of nowhere. Actually, the process of its creation and development is quite long-lasting. Of course, if you keep neglecting its emergence and don’t react on time, you will have to go the harder way to cope with it. That is why it is essential to react as soon as you spot the first traces of rust. At that initial phase, a little skilled sanding will suffice to keep the rust within those first spots. It will serve as a great help in cutting the potential damage at its roots.

As you can see, rust is a nuisance, but if it is regularly removed, it is just like any other home issue. So, keep your home clean, sand and protect your metal objects and enjoy a rust-free life.

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