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6 Tips on How to Be a Faster Window Cleaner

Are you looking for tips and methods that will help you in cleaning the window in lesser time? You know that to clean the windows of a house which is 1800 sq. ft, the estimated time required is only 2 hours.

Do you take more than 2 hours and looking for methods to eliminate the extra time? Well, in this article, we will give you some tips regarding the cleaning of the window and how you can be a fast window cleaner.

But before that one must know the tools that can help you clean the windows faster.

The types of equipment needed to clean the window properly

There are some items that you need if you want to clean the window like a professional and also needed if you are in the window cleaning profession.


Squeegees are the perfect tool to clean the window as it helps in giving a perfect, and lint-free cleaning of the windows. The squeegees consist of three parts i.e. handle, channel and rubber. They are lightweight and you can move them in any direction and helps in cleaning the window quickly from inside as well as outside.

Extension Pools

Extension pools are used when the window cleaner has to clean the windows of a tall building or tall surface. These pipes are made up of aluminum, carbon fiber and are lightweight.

Buckets and solutions

You don’t need to buy an expensive solution to clean the window. Just mix dish soap with water and it will you a nice and professional cleaning. To carry the solution with you, buy a bucket from any hardware store.


Towels are used to rub off the water droplets from the window and give you a lint-free and streak-free cleaning. You can use microfibers and surgical towels which are great for detailing and cleaning.

Tool Belt

A tool belt can be used to carry the necessary tools with you while cleaning a higher surface. There’s no need to use the costly or fancy tool belt. You can just use a simple and effective belt to save some cost.

Many window cleaning experts are in business from which you can take advice like Window Cleaning Melbourne and many more.

6 The Best tips for cleaning the window faster

If you want to finish your work on time or less than the estimated time, then these points will help you for cleaning the window faster than your usual time.

1. Choose the right weather

If you planning to clean the windows then make sure that you start the task on a dry and cloudy day. In hot summers, the water droplets dried up quickly which leaves the mark on the windows.

2. Removing the dry dirt and dust first

Before starting to wipe the window from the solution, make sure that you remove all the dry dust and dirt from the window. If you directly use the solution, then the dirt becomes muddy and it will make your window unattractive. Remove the dirt and dust with the microfiber and lint-free cloth.

3. Choosing the right cleaner for the job

Don’t be afraid to use the cleaner on the window as if you feel that the window looks dirty and there’s a mark on it, then better use the right window cleaner to remove it and make the window shinier and attractive.  You can check on the internet for the cleaner or you can make one at home by combining 2 cups of water, 1/2cup of white or cider vinegar, and 1/4th cup of rubbing alcohol.

4.  Use the microfiber towel or cloth

Using the microfiber cloth will help you in cleaning the window properly and there won’t be any kind of lint left. They are also washable and super absorbent which absorbs all your remaining water droplets from the window.

5. Skip the squeegee

It’s better to skip the squeegee to avoid the dripping of water on the window. It will increase your work and only use the squeegee at larger and higher surfaces.

6. Dividing the job

It’s better if you divide the job as if one person is cleaning the window from the inside, then make sure that the other person is cleaning from the outside. With the help of this step, you will be able to cover more area in lesser time.

This technique will help in cleaning the window like a professional and you will be able to finish your work in the estimated time too. You can use this technique in different types of windows too.  Make sure that you change the blades of the squeegee after every cleaning for an effective result.

Things keep in mind while cleaning the windows

As now you know the technique for cleaning the window effectively and efficiently, there are some things that you need to keep in mind that will help you in achieving better results.

Wrapping it up

We can conclude with the help of this information; you can be able to clean the windows faster. If you are in the window cleaning profession, then these points will make you work effectively and saves a lot of your time and effort. Good Luck!

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