How Do You Start a Petrol Strimmer That Won’t Start

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

An attractive and well-maintained garden reflects your personality. However, you cannot take proper care of the lawn without some gardening tools like a mower. But, can it complete the whole task? No, you also need a strimmer because it can take down the weed and grass that a mower cannot reach. So, a grass strimmer is perfect when you want to control some overgrowth in your garden.

petrol strimmer

However, sometimes the petrol grass trimmer fails to start or its splutters but nothing else happens. The problem could be with its fuel, spark plug or carburettor. Follow the given instructions to start a petrol strimmer that won’t start.

Basic steps to follow

You need to prime a petrol strimmer so that it can draw some fuel to the carburettor. Push the primer button or bulb three to four times. Make sure there is enough petrol in the tank and the fuel filter is submerged. Apply the choke and pull the starter cord. Check here for the best petrol strimmer under 200 pound.

Re-prime the engine if the strimmer denies starting. If it is still not powering on, then you need to repeat the three steps we discussed; turn on the choke, prime the engine and pull the cord. If nothing happens even after few trials, then there are chances that the engine is flooded. Wait for 10 minutes and allow the fuel to evaporate before you try again.

Fuel: If a petrol strimmer denies starting, then the problem usually lies in its fuel. Safety should be your priority. So, take out the spark plug of your strimmer.

If the strimmer was idle for an entire winter season, then the old petrol will not allow it to start. This happens because petrol lacks its inflammable properties over time. So, replace the old fuel with fresh petrol. Make sure you use the right mix (only for 2-stroke engines). Check the manual to know the exact ratio. Try to start the strimmer and see if it works.

Spark plug: This plug might be another reason why your petrol strimmer is unable to start. It’s recommended to replace the spark plug as per the manufacturer’s instructions. It can go bad if your strimmer was stored for the winters. But, a spark plug can also create problems if you are trying to start the strimmer with old fuel.

Take out the spark plug, clean it using a brush and petrol. Use a clean cloth to finish. However, you need to replace the spark plug if it’s corroded or cannot produce a solid spark.

Carburettor: Your petrol strimmer is not starting because its carburettor might be clogged. It’s possible if you left some fuel in the tool before storing it for the winters. The petrol’s ingredients evaporate slowly and leave a thin and sticky layer. The engine will not start in such a situation.

Clean the carburettor using a carb cleaner. If you don’t see any results even after cleaning it, then it’s better to replace this component.

Other steps to follow

Check the fuel lines: Leaking fuel lines are not good, not only because they can ruin your garage floor, but such a situation will also interrupt the fuel supply. It’s obvious because air enters through these cracks. In such conditions, the engine might not start. So, take the fuel lines out of their seal and make sure there are no cracks.

Inspect the fuel filter: Generally, you will not face any problem due to a clogged fuel filter. Whether it can get blogged or not depends upon the quality of fuel you are using. Plus, if you are not careful enough while refilling the tank, then unwanted things like sand and dust will mix into the fuel.

If you are priming the engine and still, fuel returns to the tank via its line, then the fuel filter needs your attention. You can find it inside the fuel tank. Replace this component if it’s clogged.

Final talk

Now we hope you can troubleshoot if your petrol strimmer won’t start. Keep your gardening tool maintained to avoid such problems. Plus, store it after cleaning and without leaving fuel inside. Either drain the petrol or run the machine until it’s dry. Leave the engine and its carburettor with old fuel and you might face the starting problem again.

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