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How To Choose The Right Mattress For Your Child?

Mattresses come in all sorts of shapes and forms. There are definitely prominent differences between each type. Most people prefer a Twin mattress for kids. Kids have the tendency to roll off right and left and that is why it is required to build a twin mattress for them. Twin mattress sizes are very common and are easily available for making and readymade purchasing. There are other factors parents have to deliberate on since their kids aren’t always capable of pointing out just what needs to be changed to have the mattress be right all the time. So if you’re confused about how to choose the best mattress for kids, here are some factors we recommend you to consider.

1. Size

The ideal size for a kid’s mattress is defined differently by different families. Some prefer to go for a twin size mattress, though the moment a kid gets puberty, they may feel the need for a longer mattress. Some prefer to go for a full-size mattress to make the mattress fit in the usually smaller kids’ bed. Queen Split size isn’t that often asked for since many kids move out when they leave for college, and Queen mattress and higher sizes can be restrictive since they take up so much space in the room.

The size you choose for your kids’ beds should be proportional to the size of their room. A big mattress in a small room can make it look less airy, and also make cleaning the room difficult.

2. Tautness or Sink

It is no secret that kids are going to prefer a plush mattress, which can sink them in like a sand pit. It’s fun to build a quilt castle on. But it’s not the best for their health. A bed should be soft, yes. But it must be taut enough so their spine doesn’t curl up in a semi-fetal position when they’re lying on their back. You can soften up a hard bed by adding more soft pillows and blankets. But a mattress that is too soft cannot generally be fixed.

3. Cooling

Human beings produce more body heat when they’re younger. So your kid feels hotter than you do even if it is the same mattress and blanket they are in. So it is essential to make sure your mattress cools down properly, efficiently, and quickly enough for them to be comfortable. A lot of mattresses with memory foam also come with cooling gels, which help dissipate heat and get the sleeper proper rest. They’re definitely worth trying out.

4. Texture

The softer the texture is, the more likable they find it. But if the kid mattress isn’t all that soft, you can always add a topper, or lay a soft fabric bed sheet to make it more welcoming. The feel can also be helped significantly by adding pillows.

5. Edge support

Edge support is vital for every mattress. If you have a kid who tosses and turns a lot at night, edge support will be crucial to maintaining their posture and keep their spine straight when they are close to the edge of the mattress, or perched on it. Edge Support can also preserve the structural strength of the mattress. If you have spinal or back pain, you can check out water beds. Water beds are very different from all other beds, it reduces the strain on the spine to provide you or your kids a good night sleep.

6. Durability

Durability is where kids mattresses get complex. There are two aspects to judging a mattress’s durability. Your kid is probably going to love jumping on the mattress. If a mattress can take that, it is pretty durable as far as high impact stress is concerned. How it fares after years of being slept upon is a different kind of durability. A good, durable mattress shouldn’t dent too much and retain more than most of its tautness and structure. This is crucial since too much of a depression in the mattress can make your kids’ spine be curled when they lie to sleep. This can not only get your kids an uncomfortable rest but also lead to spinal problems later in time.

7. Ease of Cleaning

Let’s face it; kids are going to make a mess everywhere quite often. They’re going to have a few accidents as they sleep when they’re young. Be it some dirt, a beverage, puke or g-d forbid some blood, it’s best to choose a mattress that is easy to clean. You can pair an average kids’ mattress with a washable topper if nothing else works. You can find a few tips to clean out moisture from the mattress without sun drying the entire mattress online. Properly maintaining a mattress makes it difficult for dust mites, bacteria, and mold to thrive.  

Being properly rested can help kids do better at school, be more energetic, cheerful and playful, and grow stronger and healthier in general. A proper mattress is, therefore, crucial.

This post is contributed by Jenna Jamieson from Mattressify.com


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