What is Benchtop Resurfacing?

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Benchtop resurfacing is an innovative and economical way to get a new stone or marble benchtop to update your tired old kitchen workspace. Resurfacing is the process of laying a thin sheet of engineered stone over the top of your existing benchtop. Each sheet combines the world’s finest granite, quartz and polymer technology and is as thin as 6.5mm for optimal thickness. Available in both stone and marble, resurfacing allows you to achieve the look you want for your kitchen on a budget.

what is benchtop resurfacing

Who Invented Benchtop Resurfacing?

Resurfacing has become increasingly popular in the renovations space and it has become more sophisticated since it was first invented over 25 years ago. Granite Transformations, the original benchtop resurfacing company, first opened in Australia in 1996 and since then they have installed over 1 million benchtops worldwide. Operating in Australia, the UK and the US, there is probably a branch in your local area. Since then many other home renovation companies provide this service.

What Colours Are Available?

Benchtop resurfacing Sydney is a cheaper alternative to using regular stone and it comes in a wide range of colours and styles that will suit any home. The most popular styles in 2021 have been marble for its elegance and timeless appeal, as well as classic white, black and grey. For a coastal or Hamptons style kitchen white with a natural shell fleck is on trend. Paired with a black or white sink and black or metallic tapware. Brushed gold and satin brass are taking over traditional silver for a modern look.

Is It Good Quality?

Benchtop resurfacing is not just for the budget conscious renovator – their innovative design provides a range of features that makes it superior to many other traditional stone surfaces. For example, Granite Transformations benchtops are non-porous and resistant to heat, impact, stains and scratches and have outperformed other, more expensive benchtops in rigorous testing. You can enjoy a high-quality finish for years to come, knowing you made a smart investment in your home.

Does It Take Long To Install?

One of the highlights of resurfacing is that installation is quick and easy, with less mess and fuss. You can have a new benchtop in as little as 1-2 days!  Using a professional installer to properly measure and fit your benchtop will ensure the perfect fit.

Do I Have To Keep The Original Benchtop Shape and Layout?

With the kitchen being the centrepoint of your home it is important get the dimensions and look right for your lifestyle. Everything can be customised to your needs, from the shape to the edges. Edges can be any thickness you need and you can choose flat or curved. Turn an outdated bullnose edge into a sharp square edge for a more modern look.

bullrose edge
square edge

Image Source: Granite Transformations Sydney South

Another popular feature is to add a dramatic waterfall edge, which looks stunning in marble. Make sure your installer takes care to match the veins between any individual pieces of engineered marble for a seamless look.

create a waterfall
island waterfall

Image Source: Granite Transformations Sydney South

A good kitchen company will send an experienced kitchen designer to your home to offer expert advice on what will work best in your kitchen space. They will consider your individual style as well as the layout and features of your home to recommend the perfect benchtop. They can make your existing benchtop bigger or smaller or change the shape altogether.

Benchtop resurfacing is not limited to the existing design and shape of your existing benchtop? This latest renovation of a kitchen Sutherland Shire turned an outdated curved benchtop into a stunning island bench for a modern look and more practical space for cooking and socializing. You can achieve any look or design you want with a benchtop overlay.

benchtop resurfacing

benchtop resurfacing 1

Image Source: Granite Transformations Sydney South

Can I Get A Different Sink?

What about the sink?  Benchtop resurfacing doesn’t restrict you to your old sink, or even a sink of the same size and shape. You can choose a modern sink and the benchtop can be custom built to fit perfectly around whatever sink you choose. Whether you stick with a stainless-steel double sink or opt for a single sunken sink in black or white porcelain, a benchtop surface can be built around it to look exactly like a traditional stone benchtop.

Can Engineered Stone Be Used On Other Surfaces?

Did you know engineered stone overlay is not limited to benchtops? These surfaces have a wide range of applications in your home. From your bathroom vanity, laundry workbench, kitchen splashback, barbeque area, walls, floors, stairs and even furniture resurfacing including desks and dining tables. If you choose affordable engineered stone for your home you will be grateful for how easy it is to keep clean. With no grout lines it is extremely hygienic and easy to care for.

Will It Come With A Warranty?

A reputable company for a kitchen renovation Caringbah, like Granite Transformations, will offer a 10-year warranty for peace of mind that your new benchtop will last for many years to come.