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How To Choose A Top-Mount Sink For A Granite Countertop?

A kitchen sink is one of the most used fixtures in the kitchen. The sink is used for cleaning, washing dishes after meals, and preparing food. However, a well-chosen sink can make a significant difference in the kitchen. It can complement the kitchen décor,  allow flexibility and multitasking, and make doing chores easier. With a myriad of sink varieties on the market, it is important to mind about aspects such as mounting and nature of countertop.

Here is a catch

Choosing the ideal sink for your kitchen requires rethinking material, size, mounting, and style. A few considerations are essential when selecting a sink type for your kitchen. Although style and size are very important, it is equally important to mind about the functionality of the sink. It is important to mind about how often you prepare meals at home and how you do the cleanup of the dishes after the guests have left.

The rule of thumb when buying kitchen sinks is minding about the durability of the sink material and the ease of cleaning. If you have a granite countertop, it is important to choose a sink with the right size and style to fit in your kitchen. Although there are other options available, topmount sinks are great choices. Read on to understand the beauty of topmount sinks for a granite countertop.

Understanding topmount sinks

Also known as overmount sinks, these are sinks dropped into a hole built into the granite countertop during installation. This sink is held in place by the lip hanging over the countertop. The weight of the sink is supported by the rim. It is a great idea to purchase topmount kitchen sinks for their traditional and budget-friendly mounting style. However, you have to regularly clean the area near the sink to eliminate crumbs, dirt, and grime that might get trapped in the lip.

Material Options for top mount sinks

Stainless steel sinks

This is a popular kitchen sink option for its durability and versatility. A stainless steel sink withstands heat and stains and can be overmounted or under mounted. This sink comes with a single or double basin to make a beautiful combination with your granite countertop. The best thing about stainless steel is the cost-effectiveness compared to other sink options.

Granite composite sinks

These are ideal for busy kitchen environments. Granite composite sinks are made from about 80 percent crushed granite or quartz and resin filler. This explains why this type of sinks is tough, seamless, and long-lasting. Granite composite sinks are popular for being a stain, scratch, and heat resistant while being easy to clean with a scouring sponge and water. Such amazing features of the granite composite sink make it ideal for pairing with a granite countertop.

Fireclay and cast iron sinks

There are additional sink material options for pairing with a granite countertop. Fireclay sinks are chip resistant and nonporous. These sinks cost a bit more and come in limited colors and sizes. Cast iron sinks come in various colors and are highly durable. However, these sinks are susceptible to stains, are a bit heavy, and need support.

Installation of a topmount sink

These sinks can be mounted directly on a granite countertop. The installation process is quicker since the sink is dropped into a cut out in the countertop. The rimming lip of the sink transfers weight and contents to the surrounding countertop. This allows the topmount sink to support elevated weight and withstand rough handling in commercial establishments. The visible self-rimming on the sink keeps the sink clean since you can easily use disinfectants. A countertop sink maximizes design flexibility on the countertop by allowing easy removal from the cut out when you need to upgrade the sink.

Final thoughts

Regardless of whether you are revamping your kitchen or building a new one, a top mount sink is a great addition especially when you have a granite countertop. A combination of a top mount sink and a granite countertop is ideal for all kitchen environments. You have a range of materials when choosing a topmount sink including stainless steel, granite composite, fireclay, and cast iron. This allows electing a self-rimming sink that perfectly matches your granite countertop and personal preference.


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