How To Build A Garage On A Budget

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So, how can you build a garage on a budget? It’s among the most common questions most individuals planning to build a garage ask. The good news is that building a cheap but excellent garage is possible. While there are many garages out there, some are costly, and others are pocket-friendly. Here, we discuss ways to ensure you develop a pocket-friendly garage and options to help you with the same. Continue reading to learn more.

build a garage on a budget

Things To Help You Build A Garage On A Budget

Building a pocket-friendly garage doesn’t happen by waking up and setting up construction. There are steps to help you achieve your goal. These steps include:


Planning is the most crucial step in building a garage on a budget. You need to understand what material you require and how large your garage will be. Also, you need to know the kind of garage you want to construct; will you be constructing a metal garage or a wooden one? With this information, you’ll budget for your construction depending on the funds you’re planning to spend.

garage with wooden door

Without a plan, it’s more likely that you’ll spend more than you expected due to some unexpected situation that might arise during the construction. Ensure you plan for extra expenses and know where to get quality but pocket-friendly materials such as wood, windows, screws, sidings, and other materials required to build a garage.

Find Cheap Labor

Labor is the second most expensive aspect of building a garage. However, you can avoid spending more by finding excellent but cheap labor. If you can’t find an affordable professional builder for your garage, you might consider doing it yourself. 

Nevertheless, if you prefer to do it the Do It Yourself (DIY) way, you must have some experience in building to avoid messing up everything. You’ll also need some friends or relatives to help you with the construction. This way, you can save the funds you could have used by hiring a professional constructor.

While constructing the garage yourself is the best and sure way to save money, if you aren’t experienced in construction, hiring someone experienced and trying to save on something else is advisable. The last thing you need is to develop an unusable structure in the name of saving. You also don’t want to build a garage only to demolish it and start all over again.

Take Advantage Of Any Discount

Who doesn’t love discounts? Maybe not you, especially when looking forward to building a budget-friendly garage. While you might have planned where to get your construction materials, it’s wise to go around different shops to find some discounts. It’s therefore advisable to buy from a small lumberyard as you can get construction materials at a fair price and save some dollars.

Though some materials can only be found in bigger shops, buying the ones available in smaller shops is essential as far as saving is concerned. The aim is to find an unbeatable deal for the construction materials and tools.

Build The Correct Size

To avoid spending more, stick to the size that can fit your valuables. Constructing an oversized garage means using more material and prolonged labor. Figure out what will be sheltered by the garage and plan for the correct size. Building an oversized garage only to shelter a single medium-sized vehicle wouldn’t be wise, especially if you’re working on a budget.

Types Of Pocket-Friendly Garages

The type of garage determines how costly it will be. However, if you decide to settle for the following types, you’ll build a budget-friendly and durable garage.

  • Metal Carport: A carport is a construction that has a roof and supporting beams. There are various carports that can shelter your vehicle or other valuables from the elements. In simple terms, a metal carport is an outdoor garage without doors. Carports are economical since they only require a frame and a covering. It makes them suitable for individuals looking forward to constructing a garage on a budget.
  • Post-Frame Garage: Post-frame garage is also a suitable pocket-friendly construction for people working on a budget. This construction requires laminated posts and highly engineered roof trusses. A post-frame garage is a durable and economical shelter for one’s valuables.
  • Stick Built Garage: A stick-built garage is entirely constructed on-site. Every piece of wood is connected to develop a wooden sketch. Wall studs are often spaced 16-24 inches at the center to act as the building’s primary vertical framing elements.


Building a garage on a budget isn’t impossible. All you need to do is plan and budget ahead of time. You also have to save on every aspect of your construction, whether materials, labor, etc. Additionally, you need to figure out which type of garage fits your budget to avoid spending more. And with all this figured out, you’ll develop an economical, durable, and stable garage.

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