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Home Bathroom Trends: Must-Have Stylish Designs to Add to Your Space

For some, the purpose of the bathroom is not limited to its primary function only, but it is also a space of eye-comforting aesthetic and luxury to indulge in after a long tiring day of work. And as years pass by, it eventually becomes a thing— the bathroom as a personal sanctuary of relaxation for both body and mind.

Space, light, and vanity are the main bathroom trends we’re following, but we can’t forget about the importance of style. Bathrooms serve as a haven for us to relax and unwind after work and bathtubs, showers, and toilets shouldn’t be ignored either. Here we feature a selection of sleek and stylish bathroom designs. Below are a few must-have designs to guide you.

Glass Doors

During your online renovation, think about adding glass doors. The most effective way to make a small bathroom look bigger is by adding mirrors as well as lighting. By installing floor-to-ceiling glass doors on your shower, you will also add light and the illusion of extra space. This trendy design element adds appeal to the clean and contemporary style of the room.

Additionally, you can change out accessories such as towels and flowers to match your mood and tastes. Surely, having glass doors in your bathroom is one of the latest bathroom trends that can impress your guests, check out these Frameless Glass Shower Door Options And Hardware.

Freestanding Tubs

The bathtub is— for use for many years— the most sought vanity for any bathroom. Apart from its primary function which is to help a person elevate their bathing experience, tubs are also among the excellent pieces to use as a focal point. But nowadays, standalone bathtubs are in demand since this type of soak is great for small spaces. And whether it is porcelain or a plastic tub, all are easily able to complement well with any interior design.

The Simple yet Elegant Charm of Minimalism

For the past years, folks’ definition of sophistication and luxury are bathrooms that are huge and wide in space. A large bathroom with fewer items space means chic and neat. Apart from it being a space-saving technique, tiny spaces are also easier to clean. And for a minimalist bathroom to look cozy and not cramped, the main ingredient is to put all space to good use.

Now, many lean toward the simple yet elegant charm of small areas; especially since thousands of people are also into the minimalist type of homes.  Instead of placing everything on the floor, say the cabinets, consider replacing it with wall shelves. Bright and lively wall paints with enough lighting is also an excellent trick to make the room look wide.

High-Tech and Fancy Bathroom Equipment

From high-tech rainfall showers to fancy bidet toilet seats, high technology equipment is becoming famous as one of the many 2022 bathroom trends. These smart devices won’t just add futuristic accents to your bath sanctuary, but it is also a great way to make your bathroom rituals easier and more comfortable.

For instance, a smart bidet seat can provide you with the right warmth of water according to what you want. It also has automatic lid opening and closing features.

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