What’s an Ideal Safety Tub?

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At first glance, you’d have a hard time associating a bathtub with the words “dangerous” or “life-threatening”, but thousands of people get involved in tub-related accidents every year. Thousands.

If you don’t want to be part of the yearly statistic, your best bet is to invest on an ideal safety tub, but what exactly is considered ideal for a safety tub in the first place? Well, since you asked…

  1. An ideal safety tub prevents you from slipping

Anyone who has used a bathtub before will be familiar with the struggle of maintaining a firm footing once inside the tub, what with the bottom surface so smooth. An ideal safety tub addresses this problem by featuring a textured rubber or plastic bottom, preventing slippage by giving your feet enough traction to help you stay stable.

  1. An ideal safety tub lets you grab on to something

When you enter an ordinary bathtub, what’s one of the first things you do? If you answered “try to look for something to hold on to”, then you’re not alone. Unfortunately, with ordinary tubs, you’re stuck with holding on to the (usually smooth) lip of the tub or propping yourself with your hands against a nearby wall. Doubly unfortunate is the fact that these do not provide you enough stability to help you get into the tub safely.

ideal safety tub1

An ideal safety tub will have grab bars placed conveniently where you need them, located perfectly to help you get in and out of the tub and keep a grip (pun intended) on your balance.

  1. An ideal safety tub keeps you firmly in place

A common complaint of the elderly about ordinary tubs is that it’s uncomfortable to use when you have to stay in one place. Even when you’re perfectly seated, you’re still bound to slide inside the tub, which can be dangerous, especially for people with mobility issues.

An ideal safety tub comes equipped with lap and shoulder belts that keep bathtub users in place the entire time they’re using it. These belts are also waterproof so they won’t deteriorate quickly even with frequent use and can prevent mold from growing on them.

  1. An ideal safety tab won’t require you to stand on one foot

As if the smooth surface and lack of things to grab on wasn’t enough, getting in and out of an ordinary bathtub almost always requires you to lift one of your foot high enough to clear the side, meaning all your weight is concentrated on one foot. Put that one foot on a slippery surface and you’re basically asking for disaster.

ideal safety tub2

An ideal safety bathtub gets rid of that risk by having a door on the side. You literally just walk into the tub. This makes it easy for kids and people with mobility problems to get in and out of a bathtub but anyone will find the convenient entry beneficial.

Make Bath Time Yours

Bath time is for all but certain circumstances can make a dip in the tub feel like a chore. Safety bathtubs are fitted with a number of features to address this, helping turn bath time enjoyable again for many. To learn more about safety bathtubs, don’t hesitate to give your local remodeling expert a call today.


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