Is It Safe To Hire A Maid While There’s A Pandemic?

Last Updated on April 21, 2022 by Kravelv

After the beginning of the pandemic, families spend more time inside their homes. After months of home quarantine, they’ll just be surprised that their front yard or backyard is filled with tall grass. Dust, grime, and germs may weaken your immune system, cause allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems, and affect sleep quality. For those with compromised immune systems, the threats are much greater. Clean, safe homes are good for you and keep your house away from the virus. Besides, wouldn’t you feel more relaxed knowing that your house is clean and tidy?

If you’re planning to hire a maid during the pandemic, you’d best want to make sure that she is healthy and not infected with the virus. It’s so easy to get infected with COVID-19 nowadays, so hiring a maid during this time should be done responsibly. There are two options to hiring a maid: Directly or through an agency. A maid agency will inform you of the risks of hiring a maid during the pandemic. This way, you won’t have a hard time looking for a healthy maid. If you choose to do so otherwise, here’s an informative post that will guide you through the direct maid hiring process.

Since most states consider cleaning and disinfecting as a vital service, it is a personal option to have home cleaners during the pandemic. If you believe it’s time to get cleaning services from a professional, there are things you can do to reduce the risks.

Important Questions to Ask Your Maid

While you can’t guarantee that someone is free of Covid-19 or any harmful virus, there are things you can do that’ll keep you safe from it. Here are some crucial questions you can ask your existing home cleaner or cleaner service, or one you are about to employ to make the process as stress-free as possible.

Does she follow social distancing policies?

Right from the beginning of her application, she should be fully dedicated to working for your which includes following your house rules. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to infect more and more people each day, it’s the right thing to start listing healthy safety rules to ensure that everyone in your house is safe from the virus. 

One rule you must implement is for everyone to practice social distancing. It isn’t necessary that everyone has to distance themselves from each other while they’re at home, but this rule mainly applies to those who go out of the house. Maids are usually the ones who go out as they are asked to go grocery shopping and do other errands. While they are outside, they should always wear a mask and a face shield. When in a public place, they should know how to distance themselves from other people. It’s hard to know who is already infected from the virus nowadays. So they should do their part and avoid getting infected.

Does she know what kind of disinfectant products are safe to use?

Not all disinfectant products are effective to fight against COVID-19, but some that are effective may not be safe to use when your family is around. If you’re hiring a professional cleaner, most likely she knows what substances are safe and mild to use. Your maid should also know how to use it properly. For disinfectant products to fight against the virus, it’s best that you research it. Here’s a simple blog post about some essential products to reduce the spread of viruses at home.

Does she know how to dispose of used gloves properly?

For maids, gloves are an essential piece of safety equipment. They protect them against dangerous substances, including viruses such as COVID 19. It is crucial to know how to use and dispose of this particular item to ensure that any bacteria or virus won’t spread throughout your house. To properly use the gloves, check if there are any tears on it and ensure that they fit comfortably before wearing it. To protect against cross-contamination, it is also necessary to take off the gloves properly.

Does your maid conduct regular health checks?  

One way to make sure your maid is healthy and does not carry the virus is if she constantly monitors her health. You’ll easily notice if your maid is sick when you see her getting tired easily and feeling a bit dizzy. If she starts to act differently, you might want to confront her and ask if she’s not feeling well. Also, tell her to always inform you of what she feels so you can also monitor her health. 

Does she know how to disinfect cleaning tools after use?

Clearly, cleaning tools are used on dirty or contaminated objects. It’s just right to clean the materials after so as it won’t spread the germs anywhere else. They’ll also be using the same tools in their next cleaning session so they might as well make sure that it’s sanitized. Teach your maid how to properly disinfect your surroundings and the cleaning materials as this can benefit you and your family as well.

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