Healthy cooking utensils: Caprice or necessity?

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Nowadays, a lot of people are trying to follow healthy diets and most of them are in a constant search for natural products. This is a very good method to keep you and your family safe, but unfortunately, it’s not enough. Some unfit cooking utensils can do more damage than the actual food. Not only this, but you also have to consider the cookware according to the gas stove that you have, for example, but you should also buy the best cookware for glass top stoves if you have glass top stoves. Below, you have a list of the healthiest cooking utensils on the market.

1) Wooden cooking utensils

According to a popular say, the old products are also the best. This applies in the case of wooden cooking utensils. The “technology” of them is basic, but wood utensils will never scratch the cookwares or spread unhealthy chemicals in your food like the plastic ones do. They can be found in any shape and size, and the price is significantly lower than other products.


2) Stainless steel / iron cookware

An iron cookware is another old “technology” but is by far healthier than a lot of modern products. It’s very resistant and in the same time, it’s only made by iron. So you don’t have to worry about any toxic substances, in fact, you will get an extra-dose of iron in any food that you are going to prepare from now on. It is very easy to clean, you just need to be careful and not use any abrasive material on it.


3) A proper air fryer

The air fryers are used in the entire world as a very healthy alternative to the standard oil cooking. They are very easy to use, non-toxic and they are using an innovative cooking method, hot air. The main concern about these utensils was about the taste of the food and there were a lot of persons who refused to try it for exactly this reason.


The thing is that they were improved a lot and the technology behind them got so advanced that you can cook tastier food with an air fryer than with any other cooking method. From french fries to steak or fish, everything can be cooked in an air fryer and the taste of the food will be so good that you will never return to the old cooking methods. There are a lot of products to choose from, with different prices and different features.

4) Glass containers

So you just cooked your healthy non-toxic food using your healthy utensils and all you have to do now is to store it. But where? Well, there are a lot of plastic and even BPA-free containers that promise to be completely non-toxic. But there are still replacing some substances, so you couldn’t possibly know what they’ve replaced and with what. So in this case, the safest bet is to not take any chances and buy some glass containers. Glass never spreads any chemicals in your food, and at the same time keeps the flavor intact.


So in order to protect us and our families from the unhealthy substances we should always be careful about what we buy and use. We live in a very competitive society, where a lot of new products appear every year, some of them better than others. A lot of people don’t know what cooking utensils they should use and sometimes they pick the wrong product. But as long as you’re informed and search for information about the product you’re about to buy, everything will be OK.


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