Walk-in Bathtubs for a Safer Bathroom

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You’ve probably heard stories about people getting injured in bathroom-related accidents. In fact, most accidents that happen at home happen in the bathroom, specifically near or in the bath tub. This is because a conventional bathtub can be difficult to get in and out of, especially when it’s wet and slippery.

One of the best ways to reduce bathtub-related accidents is by replacing your conventional bathtub with a walk-in bathtub. This specialized bathtub has a variety of safety features that makes it easier for people to use. Some of these features include:


Side door – This is what makes a walk-in bathtub what it is. Instead of having a solid wall around its tub, the walk-in bathtub has a door that can swing open to allow a person to walk in and out easily. If you try to get in or out of a conventional bathtub, you’ll notice that you’ll spend a lot of time with all your weight on one foot while getting the other one over the tub’s wall, making you more likely to lose your balance. This isn’t a problem with the side door, because you don’t have to lift both of your feet off the ground.


Slip-resistant bottoms – All that water, soap, and shampoo can make the bottom surface of a  bathtub very slippery. This is why a walk-in bathtub has a special slip-resistant bottom that helps improve your footing when inside the bathtub.

Grab bars – Walk-in bathtubs feature conveniently-placed grab bars so you have something to hold onto while using the bathtub. This is a literal life-saver for people who have mobility problems, such as the elderly and small children, and those with special needs. Even healthy people, however, can benefit from having something to hold on to when standing or getting up from inside the tub.

Customizable seating – Conventional bathtubs have a simple, concave surface that’s only good for holding water. On the other hand, a walk-in bathtub has built-in seating that not only prevents you from sliding while sitting in a bathtub, but also provides back support so you can be fully relaxed while taking a bath.


Lap and shoulder belts – Lap and shoulder belts allow you to keep a person in place while taking a bath. They can be easily adjusted to provide enough security without being too loose, and may or may not be padded for extra comfort. Lap and shoulder belts are made of waterproof or easy-to-dry material to prevent them from absorbing too much water and attracting mold or mildew.

Built-in soap dish – Why put the soap somewhere out of arm’s reach? Soap dishes keep your soap and shampoo bottles in place so you don’t need to stand up whenever you need to lather up.

These are just some of the many features of a walk-in bathtub; some models provide more features and can be further customized to cater to your specific bathtub safety needs. Want to get a walk-in bathtub? Call a reputable bathtub provider and ask about your possible options.


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