Hints on Choosing Curtains like a Pro

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Home decoration is an overwhelming topic and mastering every aspect of it requires a lot of preparation, constant update and dedication. Ordinary individuals, just as the majority of people are, simply have no time and skills to cover everything in detail and they tend to concentrate on the largest ones, such as wall color or furniture choice, for example. However, it often happens that seemingly less important things play a crucial role in the success of the decoration in general. One of them certainly are curtains. Here are a couple of hints on how to choose them like a professional.


A proper size is one of the most important notions when it comes to curtains. If they are regularly closed and opened, having them barely touch the floor or hover up to an inch above it will be both practical and provide an elegant appearance. On the other hand, stationary curtains are allowed to lie on the floor. Being of such length, they provide a romantic and relaxed appearance with lighter fabrics and a formal look if thicker ones are used. When it comes to width, stationary curtains should be no more than one and a half times wider than the window and moveable ones between two and two and a half times.

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Classics and styling

Classic curtains are of floor length, with the above mentioned considerations. However, that does not mean that they cannot be styled differently and used in various settings. For example, tiebacks provide an elegant, classy look to any traditional curtain, particularly if specially designed ropes are used to match the surrounding design style. Next, overlaps are perfect for a romantic setting since they add softness and intimacy to the room. Lastly, hourglass curtains, an easy DIY project, will be particularly effective in case of long and tall windows.

Alternatives to floor length

If you are not a fan of floor length curtains, there are alternatives. Valances are usually associated with spaces with limited floor access, especially kitchens. They are made of light material, come in various shapes and can be easily customized. Their thicker and heavier versions are called swags and are used in areas that need a more elegant appeal, especially if you are a Victorian Era fan.

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There are two primary options when it comes to color, solid colored ones and patterned ones. Solid curtains are recommended when a certain pattern has already been used in room decoration. Choosing neutral colored solid curtains will enhance the original idea and add to formality. Next, brightly colored solid curtains are suitable for less formal settings and they will surely make a statement. On the other hand, patterned curtains are suitable if the overall room design is predominantly neutral. They will provide dynamics and will enhance the atmosphere.

Printed curtains

If you wish to make a bold statement or fully personalize the room, consider custom printed curtains. There are practically no limitations to what can be printed and this is especially handy when it comes to decorating kids’ rooms. On the other hand, some adults succeed in preserving the child within and they too find printed curtains appealing. If proper material and quality water-based screen printing inks are used, these curtains are as durable as any other on the market.

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Apart from being an important design element, curtains also provide privacy. The desired privacy level is easily arranged by opting for suitable curtains. Sheer curtains are perfect for making the best of natural light, keeping the view and maintaining the common level of privacy. If a full privacy is required, blackout curtains, made of thick material will provide protection from unwanted glances, as well as outside light and temperature.

As you can see, curtains have a great influence on the overall interior setting. They can fundamentally improve any design and emphasize its best features, as well as completely ruin it. Hopefully, these hints will put you in the right direction.

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