4 Things to Be Considered When Buying Outdoor Storage Sheds

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You might be in the market for an outdoor shed seeing as installing one offers a variety of benefits. However, deciding which shed to buy depends on several factors. Below is a list of useful tips to consider when buying an outdoor storage shed for your home.

1. Function

The functional features of an outdoor shed such as construction, size, and location depend on its intended purpose. For instance, if you have a lot of things that require storage, a small kit metal shed won’t be ideal. You will most certainly need a sturdy construction for a workshop or tool shed seeing as you will most probably have to install workbenches and shelves among others, all of which require sturdiness. Do ensure you have a solid floor if you intend to use the shed for the storage of heavy things such as farm machinery. Also, you will have to purchase a big enough shed depending on the size of the items you intend to store.


Outdoor sheds meant to function as storage rooms, or garden sheds may not necessarily need the inclusion of lighting and windows while those designed as craft rooms or workshops need windows, lighting, and even plumbing. You will most likely need a weatherproofed outdoor shed if you intend to install plumbing or electricity, especially since weatherproofing enhances longevity, safety, and security. However, you will have to secure and insulate every type of shed.

2. Available Space

The size of your backyard should be one of your very first consideration before purchase. Try to visualize the desired appearance as well as the exact area of installation. Allowing at least a meter all around an outdoor shed enables easy maintenance and access. Ensure you have at least a rough idea of how much space you need for the installation of a suitably sized shed, which means you must evaluate the shed’s intended functions. Additionally, you still need the shed to complement your home and add to its aesthetic value regardless of functionality. You may also need to consider council regulations when thinking of space since building to the boundaries of a property might not always be permitted.

3. Get a Few Shed Design Ideas

After you visually design a shed and determine how it fits in the available space, get something down on paper. You will need to consider materials, measurements, and your budget. Start with the measurements and remember that precision ensures you get an accurate description. Once you know the size, it is time to consider materials. Ensure you understand which type of material suitably fits your needs. Your decision should depend on factors such as durability, protection from vermin, maintenance, cost, and complementing the existing features of your home if necessary. Be sure you stay within your budget.

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4. Structural Architecture

The type and quality of materials used in the construction of an outdoor shed make a significant percentage of its overall cost while also determining its stability and durability against wear, tear, and the elements. Some floor types consist of cheap chipboard, plywood, waferboard, or oriented strand board(OSB), all ill-suited for an outdoor shed since they will quickly start to rot and disintegrate if they come into contact with moisture. Frame thickness directly impacts the overall strength of an outdoor shed.

To ensure your outdoor shed holds up under the harshest of conditions, you need a frame thickness of not less than 2×2 inches. You could also end up buying an outdoor shed that does not offer enough space for the intended functions if you do not carefully consider and measure both the internal and external dimensions. In addition to providing useful tips that ensure your get an ideal shed, reliable and reputable outdoor shed dealers have plenty of experience with council regulations, and can be quite helpful in this area.


Regardless of whether you have only just started thinking about getting an outdoor shed or you have an idea of what you want, you will most likely acquire the most suitable shed if you consult a professional outdoor shed supplier. Reliable, reputable, and professional suppliers will help you with your design ideas and advice you on the best materials to use, both of which positively affect your overall cost in addition to several other benefits such as ensuring durability.


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