Guide to Reducing Your Household Energy Costs (Infographic)

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As we all know that saving energy is important and when saving energy, you should not think about the things like where you live, who is your energy provider and what are the current electricity costs. If you do some simple changes in your lifestyle then you can easily save energy as well as decrease your monthly electricity bills. Positive contribution to environment can be made by following some simple steps described in this infographic. When you are not using electrical appliances at your home then you should turn them off. Putting them on standby mode will not save you energy. You should also consider replacing the old halogen bulbs and other lamps with energy efficient LED Bulbs. People are nowadays adding solar panels to their homes to save energy. Heating costs is always an issue in winters but you can cut down the heating costs by installing solar heaters at home. Upgrading your old appliance is also a smart way to cut down electricity bills. Apart from these things, you should first evaluate the total costs and act accordingly.

Here we have an infographic from Temporary Power Solutions which revolves around tips to reduce your household energy costs. Go through the same and don’t forget to hit the share buttons.



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  1. I think all new building and houses should be made using spray foam insulation mandatory. Since heating and cooling is about 70% of energy bill.

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