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The 7 Step Guide to Achieving a Clutter-Free Home

For as long as I can remember, most of the homes I visited without announcing were cluttered! In some cases, I had to help declutter the home. I, too, have been a victim of instances where I didn’t want to get out of my sofa!

Nonetheless, over the last five months, I’ve learned how to keep my home clutter-free almost every day. I am now able to focus. Plus, I no longer worry about anyone who comes to check on me without announcing.

I am here to help you have a clutter-free home, too.

Avoid Stress

Stress has a unique way of affecting my productivity. I’ve realized, whenever I am stressed, I don’t want to work. I want to sleep all day long. Unfortunately, the need to eat makes me want to cook and not declutter. In the process, dirty utensils pile. Eventually, the kitchen will have an unbearable odor.


Avoid stress as much as you can. Whenever it hits you, deal with it as soon as you can.

Never Postpone A Task

As long as you’re cooking and eating, there will always be dirty utensils. The same case applies to clothes. As long as you’re dressing each new day, there’ll always be dirty clothes to wash each day.

I had one problem, postponing task as long as there were just a few utensils or clothes to clean. Little did I know that the more I postponed, the more there was much to deal with, and the more I got demotivated to declutter. I stopped postponing tasks; I clean as soon as I can. My home is clutter-free most of the time. Moreover, you can get in touch with professionals like Glimmr cleaning company when there is too much clutter to clean.

Love Yourself

It is wrong to want to declutter your home because someone special is coming. Why fake it by quickly decluttering your home to impress others? Stop it; love yourself!

Self-love makes you want the best out of everything, starting with a clutter-free home. A stinking kitchen, moldy bathroom, untidy bedroom, and a messed-up living room is a sure sign you don’t love yourself.

If others treat you as a special person, why not treat yourself the same way by living in a clutter-free home?  

Have Enough Storage Assets

Storage assets such as a wardrobe, a library, a shoe rack, and a laundry basket make it easy to have your home clutter-free all days.

Nonetheless, you must be disciplined. Always ensure that you have the right item in the right place. For example, don’t throw a book on the bed or the table after reading. Have it back in the library. Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket soon after removing them.

Give To Charity Or Friends

Items that you no longer need in your home could be better disposed of in a charity home. Alternatively, sell them if you need to make some cash. Such items only take unnecessary space in your home. As a result, it becomes challenging to have a clutter-free home.

You Must Not Be Perfect

There’s no competition ongoing to prove ‘who is the smartest one’! As such, stop trying to be perfect. Focus on having a clutter-free home, not perfection. With small kids and pets, perfection can be a difficult thing to achieve. Even so, it is possible to have everything back in its place after every few hours.

Strive To Have A New Look

The desire to have a new look in my home drives me to declutter even when I don’t plan to. At times, I want a new set of curtains that will match with the wall. Other times I need new cushions for my sofas. At times, I want newly washed bedding. The need to have a new look works perfectly well when eliminating clutter in the home. While at it, do away with anything you no longer need.  

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