Farmhouse Chic; Homes to Love

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Farmhouse decor has its own character with the coziest ambience that is comfy, plush and simplest atmosphere, which is the most important thing is to be blended in harmony with nature.

It avoids modern sensibilities and has a fiction dating back to earlier times. In the beginning, farmhouses were decorated as useful and practical spaces. More and more people tend to get into farmhouse style decoration these days, but practicality is still an important factor.

Items should be durable, while some sophisticated decors keep the style. Also, a house decorated in farmhouse style can consist of combinations included with new parts. Algedra’s interior designer reviewed everything you may wonder about the farmhouse interiors!

We can say that modern farmhouse style has made a huge impact on the decorating scene recently, and for good reason. This style of decoration reminds us of the light and airy spaces, the feeling of older times, a cool breeze in the fields and sweet tea breaks on the patio.

You don’t have to be living in the countryside to get that casual look. Let’s go through the steps to create that farmhouse feel in your own home, wherever you live!

Neutral Color Palette

One of the biggest challenges homeowners face is how to choose the right paint colors for their home. A neutral paint palette is part of the farmhouse elegance because it makes rooms feel spacious and comfortable and emphasizes the furniture rather than the paint color.

To exemplify this style perfectly, you should stick to neutral colors with very subtle undertones like blue and gray, as well as a soft pastel palette. The key to achieving a classic farmhouse look is to create an atmosphere of comfort that starts with a warm, neutral color palette.

Some natural wood tones can consist of whites, creams, beiges and even light (but warm) grays that add depth when layering. Floors should also ideally be some kind of wood, preferably salvaged parquet.

Apron Washbasin

A traditionally utilitarian fixture, a deep farmhouse sink, and gooseneck faucet can instantly create a cozy elegance in any kitchen. This farmhouse style can combine much better with soft white cabinets to finish off the look.

Warehouse Doors

Although usually made from reclaimed wood, barn or barn doors have evolved quite significantly and now people use all kinds of materials. If you want a true farmhouse look, you can opt for tried and true barnwood, vintage-looking hardware.

You can also use vintage doors mounted on the sliders to create the same look without using a material as big as a traditional barn door.

Harvest Dining Table

To give it a farmhouse feel, you can easily create a dining table with a reclaimed or vintage wood material, with or without wheels. Whichever room you put it in, it will reflect the classic farmhouse style. When it comes to food, grain, wormholes, and dents in natural wood are welcome elements of a farmhouse table where families can gather for a feast. For a modern farmhouse feel, you can paint the legs of an antique table with a clear paint and refresh the top with a natural stain and highlight the beauty of the weathered wood.

Seat Covers

When it comes to furniture for farmhouse rooms, nothing is a good alternative to large, comfy sofas and chairs, preferably cozy white sofa covers.

In farmhouse style, comfortable and easy-to-wash furniture is generally ideal. The most positive thing about seat covers is that they are not only easy to clean but can also be changed according to the season.

If you decide to stick to white throughout the year, you can combine them with pillows in different colors and textures as you desire.

Hide Technology

If you want to bring back the nostalgic feel of farmhouse style, you should hide the technology as much as possible. You can store some cables in decorative boxes with cut holes. You can place large items such as televisions and music systems in cupboards and hidden areas with doors. The main purpose here is to hide any technological images unless they are used.

Antique Furniture

A well-placed piece of antique furniture can be the perfect finishing touch for a farmhouse-style room. Antiques should not be sensitive to the touch, as they will be used in classic farmhouse interiors. You have to make sure they are sturdy enough to withstand daily use. As a general rule, choose furniture that can withstand wear and tear in the farmhouse.

Shiplap Wall Covering

Shiplap walls are an essential component of farmhouse style, as they are lightweight, easy to maintain, and alone add character. The best thing about this wall covering is that it can be used anywhere from kitchens to stairs and it never comes out of place. You can use it for the whole room, try on one wall in particular or make a little accent. The more you use it, the more intense the look will be.

Open Shelf Systems

Since farmhouse style is all about easy living, open shelves provide easy access to everything you need in your home while also creating a stylish look. You can reuse an antique cage as an open shelf for laundry supplies or create your own rustic shelves using natural materials.


Perfect for your front porch, hall, or kitchen, lanterns are an essential piece of casual farmhouse elegance. You can easily add warmth while lighting your farmhouse by using it on the dining table or in any area you want.

Natural Carpets

The key to farmhouse design is to bring natural elements into the home. Jute, sisal or wool rugs are the perfect choice for easy living that adds comfort while remaining true to a calm expression. Another carpet option is a braided carpet in soft colors. These area rugs can provide the best view on wooden floors.

Standing Bathtub

With its distinctive style and raised design, the free-standing tub can be an essential part of cozy farmhouse style. As a freestanding tub or with a ceiling mounted curtain, this deep tub can be used in versatility in interior design. You can place an antique chair or stool next to the tub to hold toiletries or a towel basket for a better effect.

Patio Seating Area

Even if you don’t have a patio, you can still use your balcony to read a book, curl up, relax and enjoy. Rocking chairs and swings are the most decorative items of a farmhouse. You can add a small table for drinks and a porch mesh for privacy and create the perfect outdoor space for yourself.

The most important thing to remember when decorating in a farmhouse style is ‘take your time’. Charm and character cannot be bought in one day.. You shouldn’t buy décor items just for the sake of owning it, but instead evaluate, wander and collect.

Whether it’s brand new or decades old, you can decorate your home with decors that carry meaning.

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