How to Get Rid of Pet Hair?

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

You love having this sweet little companion at home. You play, cuddle, and do everything together. Yes, you adore your pet so much that you even sleep with it all night. But you know how annoying it is to see and feel their hair everywhere – in the couch, our clothes, our beds, cars, and literally, just everywhere!

But fret not! It’s not the end of all your things in the house. There is, indeed, a way to get pet hair off and out of your home, or lives, for that matter. Definitely,  you can, and here’s how:


Use latex gloves. Wear it and rub it on the surface of your upholstery. When it is is already full of hair, you just have to wash it to remove the hair. Make sure you throw the hair in the trash can because throwing it in the drain may result in blocked drainages.

Use a clean kitchen sponge. Just like the latex gloves, you simply have to dampen the sponge a little bit and then rub it on your furniture. This will result in the fur rolling into several clumps which you will just pick up afterward.


Use a mixture of water and fabric softener (1 is to 1) and spray it on the furniture or pour it on a clean cloth. Rub this cloth on your furniture and repeat until all the fur is gone.

For wooden furniture, use furniture polish on a clean cloth or dusting spray that is anti-static. Simply wipe it on your furniture. (Note: make sure the liquids you are using are safe for your furniture)

Use velcro curlers. Rub these on the surface of your furniture, making sure not to injure the upholstery at the same time. Some curlers can be bent. Use these to clean hard to reach corners of your furniture.


For carpeted floors, use a pumice stone. Just scrape it on your floor, and the hair will gather on it.

You may also choose to vacuum your carpet. Just make sure to do it more than once to make sure you have cleaned all the areas.

You may also use the sponge technique for this one. Use a sponge mop and dampen it like you would use a normal mop. Proceed in mopping the floor.

For laminated, bare, or hardwood floors, use an electrostatic or microfiber dry mop if you are not into using the vacuum.


Use lint rollers. You can leave these by the door so before you leave for school, work, or anywhere; you can remove the fur your pet has left you as a souvenir. You can also use lint rollers for car seats or furniture.

If your clothes have just way too much hair for lint rollers, throw your clothes in the dryer and mix in a dryer sheet in there. Leave it on for about 10 minutes.

How to prevent pet hair fall?

Make it a point to brush your pet’s hair regularly – about 2-3 times a week. You will see that this will help in minimizing the hair your dog sheds.


You can also try putting a sock or stocking over your vacuum hose and use this on your pet’s fur. Put the vacuum on the mildest level so as not to hurt your pet.

Other ways you can do

Use your hands. Soak it wet and wipe it on the furniture, clothes, or whatever it is that still has hair. The gathered hair will ultimately stick to your wet hand.

Use tape. Tapes may be one of the cheapest and thriftiest ways out there. Tape can be found anywhere and is most likely in your house. Just cut some tape and stick it on the surface of furniture or clothes and remove it. You will see that some fur will stick to it.