Give Your Home a Fresh Look: 9 Cost-Efficient Ways to Boost Your Home’s Aesthetics

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Many homeowners get overwhelmed by the idea of home improvement even before they actually look into the details. This is why most of them put off their plans to update their homes. Little do they know that they can choose projects that offer tremendous value without being too expensive. Don’t be one of those homeowners! Check out this 9 cost-efficient and budget-friendly ways to boost your home’s look.

  1. Declutter Your Home

Don’t wait for spring before you do some cleaning! The year has practically just started, so why not spare a weekend or two to declutter? You’d be surprised at how refreshingly clean and spacious your home will look once all the clutter is gone. Dispose, donate, or sell things that you don’t want or use anymore, from clothes to unnecessary appliances and furniture. You might even be of help to others in the process – as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Additionally, when you declutter, it’ll give you the chance to get a better look at your home to see what needs further improvement. You might even discover hidden issues and damage that could need immediate attention. You’ll also be able to tell what you may need to change out for new; for instance, you may find that your kitchen could benefit from updated appliances.

  1.  Consider Window Replacement

BETTER LOOKS AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN ONE. Window replacement can help boost both your home’s aesthetics and energy performance.

Sometimes, old windows lend a nice vintage appeal to the home. But more often than not, they simply look old and unappealing. If you are not going for that “vintage” feel,  then you might want to consider window replacement.

Windows are one of the first things that people typically notice about your home. Because they can be seen even from afar, they create a huge impact from the curb. Broken frames, peeling paint, rusting hardware, and fogged-up glass are far from attractive. Replacement windows will allow you to update your home’s look with the added benefit of better energy efficiency and comfort. Remember, you don’t have to live with those drafty and unsightly windows!

  1. Treat Your Windows Right

Speaking of windows, adding window treatments can also help improve your home’s look and give you your privacy. Window treatments give your home a more finished look, often lending elegance to your home’s overall vibe. Window treatments are far from expensive and are a good way to achieve the look and feel you’re going for. The better fabrics to use are natural cotton, silk, and linen – do try to stay away from synthetic fiber which can look a bit cheap. If curtains and drapes are not your styles, wooden blinds could be a good alternative to consider.

  1. New Doors: Make Your Entry a Focal Point

MAKE IT POP. Door replacement can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal and will pump up your security. Make your door stand out by opting for a bright or unusual color.

As with windows, the front door is a component that can add to your home’s character. Easily noticeable right from the street, old entry doors won’t just compromise your home’s security, but will also negatively affect your curb appeal. A new entry door can do much to enhance your home’s look as well as its value.

Couple your door replacement with a splash of bright paint to make it pop. Sandwich your entryway between two elegant planters, or use unique house number signs or shiny plaques to make for a lovely focal point people are bound to love.

  1. Upgrade the Facade

Just as putting on your best “face” is important, so too is giving your home’s facade special attention. Everything on your home’s front area is its “face,” and things such as carefully designed, neatly trimmed, and regularly maintained greenery and landscaping can do wonders for its appearance. Landscaping doesn’t need to be expensive; a well-thought-of and -executed design that you can maintain easily should be ideal. Connect your entryway to the curb with an equally welcoming walkway that creates impact without breaking the bank.

  1. Repaint: Color Matters

Want to instantly glam up your home? A fresh coat of paint may be just what it needs. Faded paint can make your home look unkempt and decrepit. Meanwhile, repainting will also give you a chance to rethink your home’s color scheme – you can change it completely if you want! Repainting allows you to bring the colors in your home together in the most appealing combinations.

  1. Light It Up

CREATE DRAMA WITH LIGHT. Properly designed outdoor lighting can set the tone and mood of your home.

Indoor and outdoor lighting can help set the tone and mood in your home. Properly designed and planned outdoor lighting can add “drama” and flair to generate increased curb appeal.  Good lighting is also a way to improve your safety and security at home, as strategically placed lighting can ward off potential intruders.

Indoors, use lighting design to bring focus to features you’d like to highlight, such as your favorite painting or collection of china. Also, use lighting to create and set the right mood; try dimmers to make your living room look more cozy, for instance.

  1. Transform with New Tiles

Old and discolored tiles can make the bathroom or kitchen look unclean and unsanitary – which, sad to say, may leave a bad impression on your guests. Retiling is a quick way to give your home a fresh look without spending on a full-on bathroom or kitchen remodel.

  1. Coordinate and Accessorize

By coordinating new hardware such as door knobs and locks, cabinet handles, and bathroom and kitchen fixtures, you can give your home an elegant update. Similarly, choosing accessories and ornaments that complement and bring together your home’s overall theme will also help make your living spaces look more polished.

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There are a number of cost-efficient ways to improve your home’s look, comfort, safety, and function. Consult with a reliable contractor in your area to learn how you can best benefit from the

There are a number of cost-efficient ways to improve your home’s look, comfort, safety, and function. Consult with a reliable contractor in your area to learn how you can best benefit from the different types of home improvement. Only then should you decide on which project to take on.


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