5 Pro Tips on How to Paint Your House Right

Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Kravelv

Most homeowners will take a crack at doing some house painting at some point and many will end up with more headaches than they need while doing it. The professionals have learned a few tricks from painting hundreds of houses and I’m here to share my 15 years of professional experience with you to make your house painting experience a breeze.

  1. Clear the Room.

It may seem easy to cut corners and paint around a bunch of stuff in a room but this is one of the easiest place to add unneeded hassle. Take the extra time and effort to move everything out a room before starting and you will likely be thankful for it later. Anyone who has painted a significant amount of rooms has probably learned the hard way that moving the furniture out would have been the best option. If there are pieces of furniture that are simply too large to move out, make sure to cover them properly and move them to the center of the room to prevent the chance of getting paint on them accidentally.

  1. Protection is Key.

Preparation can make all the difference and covering all surfaces you want clear of paint won’t be time wasted, real painting contractors know that. Utilizing drop cloths on the floors and furniture will help keep errant paint from getting on these surfaces and give you peace of mind while you’re working. Make sure to cover all the little things that many people forget like doorknobs and hardware. Removing sockets and light switch covers will also help ensure all the details of your paint job come out right.

  1. Buckets Not Paint Trays.

Using a bucket instead of a paint tray is one of those pro tips that seem small but make a huge difference in the long run. A bucket allows you to mix more paint and ensure that you have a consistent color on the finished product. Using a bucket also make the paint more mobile so that you can move around the room effectively and not spill paint when moving. There is a tool called a painter’s screen that you can put in the bucket and keep your roller clear of extra paint.

  1. Paint Top to Bottom

Once the baseboards and ceiling is out of the way and you are ready to bust out your paint roller, remember to roll the paint top to bottom. This lets the roller pick up any drips as you move down the wall and keeps the paint looking clean and smooth as you go.

  1. Keep a Wet Edge While Rolling

A big part of proper rolling is keeping a wet edge as you move across the wall. What this does is help the paint dry at a similar speed and in turn give a more even finish. If some of the paint dries before the next roll, this can create lap marks and really stand out as a flaw when all is said and done.

Every homeowner should feel empowered to tackle projects in their home and painting is one where many can find success and build confidence. Using these tips and others will go a long way to helping you avoid rookie mistakes and get that perfect paint job the first time.


Author Bio:

Michael Jaconetta is a Licensed Painting Contractor, a General Contractor, and the owner of American Painting & Property Service, a family-owned Florida painting company, dedicated to helping people make their home beautiful. He has over 15 years of experience painting homes and businesses and is passionate about home improvement


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