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Getting to Know Window Frame Options

Choosing the right window is vital to making the most out of getting a replacement for your home. There are different factors to consider during the selection process and one of them is a window’s frame. Window frames can be made of different materials so understanding what each material is capable of will help you determine if a certain choice is right for you. Some of the popular window frame options available include:


Wood is the first window frame material used by man and it is still in use in many historic properties. A lot of people like wood frames because they look good and offer outstanding insulation. But because of wood’s natural weaknesses, frames made of the material will require serious upkeep, which can be an inconvenience for some homeowners. It is necessary, however, to ensure that a wooden window keeps performing as expected.


Vinyl window frames, on the other hand, offers great heat and sound insulation, with drastically less of the maintenance that wooden ones need. They are also more affordable, making them ideal for those looking to work with a budget, and durable, able to withstand constant beating from the elements to last a while in any home.


Composite material combine natural and synthetic materials into one so you can think of it as a cross between wood and vinyl. Fibrex, for instance, is made of 40% reclaimed wood fibers and 60% thermoplastic polymer. This allows the material to offer the advantages of both wood and vinyl, such as great appearance, excellent insulation, and low maintenance, while doing away with the weaknesses that either materials have like a tendency to be weak against moisture and high thermal expansion.

What to Choose

Most people will adhere with the idea that you get what you pay for, pushing them into automatically thinking that the more expensive product is more superior. There is truth to this (more expensive products do generally boast of better quality) but instead of merely focusing on getting which window frame has the highest price tag, go for what will offer you the most value for money. Even when you don’t have to work with a budget, it is always a good thing, after all, to make the most out of every dollar you will be spending, which means assessing the benefits you’ll get out of a certain option given the kind of cost it comes with.

Another way to help you zero in on the best window frame option for you is to enlist the aid of a reputable contractor. They’ve worked with hundreds, possibly thousands, of homeowners before you so they have a good grasp of what works and what doesn’t for certain home situations. This puts a contractor in the best position to give you recommendations, quickly narrowing down your options for you so you can more easily find the best window frame for you and your home.


Author Bio:

Jason Rohde is the General Manager of Renewal by Andersen – Milwaukee. Prior to his current post, he’s held many positions, which has provided him with extensive experience in the industry. Jason is driven to ensure customer satisfaction and is happiest when customers are happy both with their new windows and the company’s service. When he’s not working, he’s usually spending time with his family, walking his dog, Brandy, or watching the Brewers, Packers or Badgers. For updates from Jason, check out the company blog!


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